Why People Leave Bad Reviews

Almost every business owner has had the sinking feeling of despair that comes with reading a bad review about their company. And while these types of reviews may feel like personal attacks because you care so much about your business, it’s helpful to keep in mind the reasons someone might feel inclined to leave a bad review. When you consider these motivations for bad reviews, you can better respond to customer concerns and pave the way toward a more positive overall reputation.

They feel they have had poor customer service.

Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or online, customer service matters. When customers feel they’ve been treated rudely, or they’ve had to deal with long wait times or confusing website features, they are more likely to speak up about the experience. Customers want to feel that their time and opinions are valued, so a less than stellar customer service experience can be something that sticks with them.

They feel they have not gotten their money’s worth.

One big reason customers leave reviews is to inform future potential customers about a certain business. If they feel that a product or service doesn’t align with the price paid for it, they are typically quick to share.

They want a response.

For many customers, negative reviews aren’t written to get the last word. In fact, most people want to hear back about their review and have things made right—for example with a discount on future visits. The negative review is a chance to turn an opinion around, so don’t let these reviews go neglected and miss a chance to retain a customer and possibly persuade them to change their review.

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