Hey Tucson, Does Your Website Have Adequate Technical Support?

Many business owners are under the misconception that they can simply build a website and leave it at that. However, websites are not static, and they require ongoing maintenance and support to continue functioning like they should. Ideally, your website’s technical support would be out of sight and out of mind, so you can relax knowing that your customers are experiencing quick load times, seeing full resolution images, and browsing on a secure site. That’s exactly what you get with a managed maintenance plan like the WordPress Warranty we offer at Anchor Wave. However, there are other solutions we offer that can help you keep your site up and running without a full commitment to a maintenance plan. 

WordPress Warranty Plans

Our WordPress Warranty is available to any sites built on the WordPress platform, even if we didn’t build the site originally. This plan includes optimal hosting on a secure server, security monitoring to prevent hacks and data breaches, and unlimited support to help you make changes to your site, fix errors that may arise on your site, and improve load speeds. Even better, our team can help train you and your employees to work on your site, so you can make any changes to the site when you want to. 

A la Carte and On Demand Support Services 

For some businesses, a fully managed warranty may not be practical. Alternatively, you may not have a WordPress site, but you still need some maintenance and support. For these clients, we provide hourly support services as well as discounted pre-paid hours to help you complete a site upgrade, spot-fix technical issues, and improve the overall functionality of your website. 

If you’re ready to add technical support to your site, call Anchor Wave to speak with our team to explore the right solutions for your business. You can reach us at (520) 622-3731. 

Anthony Rivera