Objectives + Strategy

Southwest Sun Control operates in an extremely competitive industry: selling protection from the sun… in Arizona. In order to get a leg up on their competitors, they knew that they needed to take advantage of multiple internet marketing channels.

Our solution was to create a new site, market that site organically, and invest in paid advertising. Because SW Sun Control’s competitors weren’t taking it easy, we knew that we couldn’t afford to either. We developed a highly-targeted campaign designed to leverage SW Sun Control’s unique quality and service. Through our efforts, we have delivered high-quality traffic and engagement while boosting their online reputation and brand awareness year over year.

Getting More and Paying Less

Dominating national lead generation in 2018, SW Sun Control refined their marketing efforts to master the local market with a major brand awareness campaign in 2019. This strategic shift skyrocketed the company’s traffic an astonishing 69% and earned them 214% more leads in just over the span of a year! Even better, their leads are costing less so they can spend less time worrying about their advertising and more time on taking care of their customers. 


SW Sun Control was originally sending all of their paid traffic directly to their home page, but just getting someone to your homepage isn’t guaranteed to convert. With our strategically designed and placed landing pages, they were able to convert more leads while saving money!


By optimizing ad copy, SW Sun Control sees more people engaging with their ads instead of their competitors. SW Sun Control is bringing in more business and continuing to establish themselves as the leaders of their industry. 

This was Southwest Sun Control’s Campaign for Success…
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