Apr 5

Keeping Track of Web Statistics

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Knowing the who, what, where of your website’s visitors. Why is it important? Website statistics and analysis has become a huge industry related to internet marketing and commerce. Stats programs provide useful information to the website owners about who is being attracted, what they are doing on your website, and where they are coming from…. Read more »

Mar 31

Introducing Content Management Systems

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One of the major recent advancements in web design and internet marketing is the transition of static HTML sites into content management systems. A content management system is a web based application that provides a user interface for editing and managing content on a website. Systems like these provide tools that make running and updating… Read more »

Mar 12

Review of Rackspace Cloud Performance

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The following is an open letter to the founders of the Rackspace Cloud. Dear Founders, Once again, I find myself somewhat baffled as to how the administrators and support personnel at The Rackspace Cloud are conducting business and this time I need to convey my frustration over it. I would like to cite two specific… Read more »

Mar 6

Podcast: Keeping in touch with CRM

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There are plenty of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems available on the web and for your Mac or PC.  Mike & Jerry discuss why you should use a CRM and how you can use your website to automate common sales activities.  They also introduce you to the Social Print Experiment as a recent example of… Read more »

Feb 23

Getting traffic to your site when Search Engines won’t work

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Lots of small businesses come to Anchor Wave in desperate need of getting more traffic to their website. Typically, they want to know how to rank #1 on Google for “all of their keywords”. While in many cases this is plausible, for some businesses search engine optimization isn’t a good fit. I’m going to cover… Read more »