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Debunking Common SEO Myths


Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help maintain your business’s visibility by increasing your website’s relevance in web search rankings. Despite the widespread use of SEO practices in today’s online marketing strategies, numerous myths still abound to confuse consumers and businesses alike. Getting to the truth behind these myths can help you understand how SEO […]

Creating Goals for a Pay Per Click Campaign


A pay per click campaign is a strategy designed to increase traffic to your website. During a pay per click campaign, advertisements for your website and business are listed on search engine result pages. When consumers click on your ad and are directed to your website, you will be charged a fee. Creating goals for […]

Twitter Tips and Tools for Small Businesses


Twitter is a valuable social media tool that can expose your business to a greater number of potential clients while allowing you to stay connected with your current customer base. However, the key to getting the most from your small business Twitter account is learning how to use this social media site effectively to further […]

A Look at Effective Social Media Campaigns for Businesses


Social media campaigns are an excellent way to boost both sales and visibility for your business. An effective social media campaign should not only show off your business, but encourage interaction among your followers to cultivate a sense of connection with the products and services you have to offer as well. By using social media […]

Attracting More Followers on Facebook and Twitter


Facebook and Twitter are two of today’s most widely used social media sites; generating greater visibility via these services is an excellent way to increase your consumer base. Although gaining more online followers won’t improve your search engine rankings, attracting more followers on Facebook and Twitter will boost your online presence in other ways. With […]

Why Your Business Needs Website Maintenance and Support


Your business’s website is its window to the world, exposing consumers and partners to the information they need about you and your services. Website maintenance and support serves a valuable function by ensuring that information is clear, beneficial, and available. Seeking professional assistance with website maintenance and support is the best way to keep your […]

When Should You Send Emails to Your Contact List?


Developing a smart email marketing strategy is the key to maintaining positive contact with current and potential clients. The frequency with which you send out newsletters, announcements, and other marketing information will depend upon many factors, including the type of business you run and the consumers you are trying to target. Daily Daily emails can […]

What You Can Expect from Anchor Wave’s Web and Email Hosting Services


As a business, you rely on your website and email services every day for productivity and marketing purposes. Thus, reliable web and email hosting services are necessary to maintain your online presence and communications. At Anchor Wave, our web and email hosting services provide the assistance, customization, and reliability you need for effective online business […]

The Eight Worst Examples Of Online Reputation Management Ever!


Online reviews can make or break a business, and I’m not just talking about the ones left by customers. Although it’s a great idea for companies to respond to every online review they get (good or bad), a company can make a bad situation way, way worse by responding to a review in a disrespectful, […]

Social Media Spotlight: Instagram


As social media becomes increasingly important to businesses and consumers alike, many new social media sites have emerged. Instagram is an online photo-sharing network that allows users to upload photos and link or copy content to a variety of additional social media sites. As a business, Instagram offers you the opportunity to improve your visibility […]

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