Jan 12

Look Back at the History of Pay Per Click Advertising

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Online advertising continues to become more and more important as technology cements its importance to our modern culture. Pay per click advertising has been around for decades, but it has changed and adapted along with the Internet itself. If you’re curious about where it started and how it’s come so far, keep reading and take… Read more »

Dec 29

Learn About the History of SEO

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is used to influence search algorithms to pick up your website and display it prominently within search results. This way, when someone searches for keywords that deal with the services you provide, your website will be more visible in the search listings. Learn about the history of this marketing strategy… Read more »

Dec 15

Why You Should Revamp Your Website When You Update Your Business’s Physical Location

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Being visually consistent across all your platforms is an important part of branding, and this extends to your physical headquarters as well. If you decide to make any big change to your brand identity, make sure you let your customers know. Here’s why you should revamp your website after a physical redesign, relocation, or remodel…. Read more »

Nov 10

Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Gain More Reach

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Even the most well written blogs won’t make an impact if nobody can find them. If you feel like your blog posts aren’t getting the exposure they should, try posting across different platforms. Have a unique and timely take on the topic, and make sure it’s easy for search engines to find your content. Keep… Read more »

Oct 27

What’s the Right Way to Build Your Marketing Email Audience?

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It wasn’t too long ago that email was a high-tech innovation, before the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Email marketing can still be an effective way to reach your following and grow your fanbase. Read on and learn the right way to build your marketing email audience. Identify Your Demographic Before you start sending emails,… Read more »