May 26

The Rules of Local SEO, or: How to Be Found

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Local optimization is an ever evolving field, with complex strategies and tactics. However, it’s one of the most important aspects of SEO for small business owners. Learning how to show up in local search results is one key component in beating your competitors. Although local optimization is multifaceted, there are a few basic principles that… Read more »

May 11

The Rebrand of Anchor Wave: Behind the Tagline

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What does it mean to Brand, and in this case, reBrand an identity? As one ‘inside’ the industry, this topic is one of rich fascination for me. There are many near magical quotes that are far more fluent than I could ascribe to be such as: Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is… Read more »

Apr 11

The Small Firm Vs. The Big Firm – David Vs. Goliath

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In today’s fast paced, technology heavy world there are many small to medium size business owners who are looking for help with their web design and digital marketing.  As someone who has worked in the industry for over six years on both the sales side and the fulfillment side, as well as for a large… Read more »

Mar 4

The 4 Laws of Social Customer Service

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When you ask a business owner what business they’re in, they’ll typically respond by describing the products they create or the services they provide. While that might be true, there is one way to describe all businesses regardless of what they do and it’s called being in the customer service business. Customer service describes the… Read more »

Feb 7

Digital Marketing Resources for Business Owners

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Digital marketing is a skill, and one that takes effort to develop. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. With a couple of days worth of work, it’s possible to learn the basics and start improving your online presence. Here are some great introductions to to the world of marketing to get you started on your… Read more »