Oct 27

Our decision to go virtual and what we learned to help your Digital Storefront

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The year 2020 came with a lot of surprises. Had you told us in January that our entire team would be moving from a brick-and-mortar to a full remote team workforce, we would have been shocked to say the least! Luckily, the transition to virtual actually made so much sense for us and our business… Read more »

Sep 18

The power of SEO

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Are you struggling to get more visitors to your website? Are you frustrated by your website’s rank in Google? Are you funneling money into paid ads, but still not getting the traffic you want? Then you might want to look into the power of SEO. SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is the process of considering… Read more »

Jul 17

Do you attract “ideal” customers or “profit and sanity drainers”?

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When it comes to customers, many businesses erroneously believe in ‘Broadcasting’. Before you get too fussy with a misinterpretation, let me tell you why that is an error. First off, did you know how the term “broadcast” originated? It’s ye olde 1813 agricultural verb for the very ineffective action of taking seeds and throwing them… Read more »

Jun 24

We’re Giving Away $10,000 Marketing Dollars to a Tucson Business!!

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We Are SO Excited to Announce The Strongest Giveaway in Anchor Wave History! (drumroll please!) Anchor Wave is giving away $10,000 in Marketing Dollars to help your business Bounce Back Stronger! OUR MISSION IS TO SEE LOCALLY-OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESSES THRIVE. WHAT BETTER TIME THAN NOW TO HELP MAKE THAT HAPPEN? We believe that our… Read more »

Jun 12

Got Decision Fatigue? (I do, there’s a solution)

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THIS is a key marketing lesson that successful business people employ, and it starts with some chicken thinkin’. More specifically, the lunch debacle of determining what kind of chicken to have as my daughter and I were driving across town in pandemic errand-running mode. Chick-fil-A or Canes were our nearby savory choices. Now… both could… Read more »