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Tips for Managing Your Company’s Facebook Page


As of 2013, more than 15 million businesses maintained Facebook pages. This valuable online tool is a great way to promote your business and connect with your consumers on a more personal level. Knowing how to properly manage your company’s Facebook page will help you gain greater popularity, drive online sales, and cultivate a more […]

Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Business


Marketing is the means by which you promote your business to new and existing customers to drive additional sales and maintain consumer loyalty. There are several marketing strategies you can put to work for your business, depending upon factors such as your budget, your goals, and your desired consumer base. A comprehensive marketing plan is […]

How Facebook’s New Rules Affect Entrepreneurs


Over the past decade, Facebook content promoting businesses and services to consumers has grown exponentially. However, recent changes implemented at the beginning of 2015 have affected the visibility of unpaid advertising, causing a decline in the number of people who view such promotions. This change can have an effect on the visibility of your business’ […]

Social Media Mistakes that Can Tarnish Your Brand Name


  Social media marketing is becoming an increasingly important concept for modern businesses to embrace. However, with increased social media usage comes the possibility of accidental blunders that could negatively affect your online image. Avoiding some of the most common social media mistakes can help you maintain a positive image that your clients and business […]

How Social Media Can Help Boost Your SEO Campaign


SEO strategies are a smart way to increase your search engine rankings for greater online visibility. Because search engines take your social media followers into account during searches, your social media accounts should play a key role in your SEO campaign. Learning to use your social media accounts as venues for varied and relevant content […]

More Marketers Are Using Social Media to Connect with Consumers


Social media provides a unique platform to connect and interact with your consumers on a personal level. Today, many of the world’s most successful companies have taken advantage of social media connections to promote new products, services, and brands. Whether your business is large or small, the valuable opportunities this type of interaction presents allow […]

Debunking Common SEO Myths


Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help maintain your business’s visibility by increasing your website’s relevance in web search rankings. Despite the widespread use of SEO practices in today’s online marketing strategies, numerous myths still abound to confuse consumers and businesses alike. Getting to the truth behind these myths can help you understand how SEO […]

Creating Goals for a Pay Per Click Campaign


A pay per click campaign is a strategy designed to increase traffic to your website. During a pay per click campaign, advertisements for your website and business are listed on search engine result pages. When consumers click on your ad and are directed to your website, you will be charged a fee. Creating goals for […]

Twitter Tips and Tools for Small Businesses


Twitter is a valuable social media tool that can expose your business to a greater number of potential clients while allowing you to stay connected with your current customer base. However, the key to getting the most from your small business Twitter account is learning how to use this social media site effectively to further […]

A Look at Effective Social Media Campaigns for Businesses


Social media campaigns are an excellent way to boost both sales and visibility for your business. An effective social media campaign should not only show off your business, but encourage interaction among your followers to cultivate a sense of connection with the products and services you have to offer as well. By using social media […]

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