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How Anchor Wave Can Help You Reach Out to More Customers

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As mobile device and computer usage across the globe only continues to increase, so does the potential size of your consumer base. The key to growing your business in the digital age is determining new ways to reach and connect with additional consumers over the long term. At Anchor Wave, our specialized services include website […]

Are Your Emails Mobile-Friendly?


A study performed in 2014 found that more consumers use mobile devices to browse the internet than desktop-based PCs, while more recent research indicates that checking email is the most common activity performed on smartphones. This increase in mobile device usage has necessitated the consideration of mobile browsing when developing websites, email, and other types […]

What to Do When You Get Negative Feedback on Social Media


Negative feedback is an inevitable result of a social media presence. However, the way in which your business handles negative feedback can affect your online image in a positive way. Successful management of your social media accounts means staying up to date on your online reviews to handle negative feedback quickly and appropriately. Take Feedback […]

Reaching Out to Social Media Influencers


Many individuals and businesses have gained significant popularity and acclaim through social media platforms. These social media influencers not only enjoy improved online visibility, but higher Google search rankings as well. By reaching out to these social media influencers, your business can boost its own signal to increase brand awareness and reach a broader consumer […]

What Should Your Business be Posting on Social Media?


There are so many different social media platforms that can help your business—do you know what to post to each one? Posting the right type of content to each platform can help engage customers and drive more traffic to your website. Use the following tips to figure out what type of content to post to […]

Tips for Turning Website Visitors into Customers

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It’s great when people visit your website—but that isn’t enough to get them to buy something! Your company and website both have to be appealing to visitors. Turning website visitors into customers should a top priority of every business website. You can find tips for achieving this goal by checking out this guide. Maintain a […]

How a Professional Web Design Team Can Help You Avoid Common Website Mistakes


Take a look at your business website. Is it suffering from common website mistakes? A good website can help you reach more customers, and a good web design team can help you maintain a great online presence! Discover how a professional web design team can help your company avoid common mistakes: Making an Attractive Website […]

Reasons to Include Social Media Links on Your Website


Is your business on social media? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help you interact with customers and share information about products and services! If you don’t have social media links on your business website yet, keep reading to see why you should add them. Show Visitors That You Use Social Media Even though social media can […]

The Basics of Managing Your Online Reputation


Do you read your company’s online reviews? If you don’t, you’re missing out on valuable feedback and potentially damaging your online reputation. Managing your online reputation can help your small business develop a strong online presence that impresses customers. These tips can help you understand the basics: Read Your Reviews The first step in managing […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Keywords for SEO


Today’s customers can do a quick online search to find the products and services they need. How can you make sure those customers find your company’s website? Selecting the right keywords can improve your SEO, making your company more visible when it comes to online searches! Continue reading to learn what factors can help you […]

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