Sep 15

Is Your Web Design Causing You to Lose Leads?

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You should always do what you can to acquire more leads, as that’s what will propel your business. Poor web design can turn potential customers off, which will in turn affect your sales. Keep reading to find out if your web design is causing you to lose leads and what you can do about it…. Read more »

Aug 25

Why Being Off Social Media Hurts Your Business

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You might dedicate a considerable amount of resources to your website, blog, and print materials, but are you neglecting a social presence as part of your business marketing? If your business is not on social media, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing campaign and allocate resources to active social accounts that relate to… Read more »

Aug 11

A Crash Course in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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When it comes to search advertising, there are two ways that you can achieve better rankings to be seen by potential customers. You can utilize organic search results by focusing on search engine optimization, or SEO, which includes a content-heavy strategy for improving your rank among non-sponsored search results. Alternatively, you can use pay-per-click, or… Read more »

Jul 21

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

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When you run a blog to promote your business, it’s important to stay consistent with your updates. Post new blogs on a regular basis so that readers know you’re still active, but don’t go overboard. Always remember to put up a new blog post when you’ve got something exciting that you want your fans to… Read more »

Jul 6

How to Gain Subscribers for Your Email Marketing Campaign

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No matter how interesting your email newsletters are, you need subscribers who will see them, or they will not provide any return on investment. Accruing subscribers is easy if you know how to do it and you have a product that you believe in. Give people a reason to sign up, make people aware of… Read more »