On Your Team

Mike Schmidt

CEO & Founder

Anthony Rivera


Trey Wesson

Internet Marketing Director

Lilly Darling

Vice President

Jill King

Client Account Manager

Ben Houle

UX/UI Designer

John Decker

Web Strategist

Kevin Conklin

Project Coordinator

Christine Sonnenberg

Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bryan Humphrey

Senior Webmaster

Alyssa Musante

Front End Developer

Britney Thomas

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tom Lickliter

Web Strategist

Kelsey Murray

Jr. Digital Marketing Coordinator

Craig Muthard

Web Strategist

Ryan Bustamante

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Elena Townsend

Project Coordinator

Celeste Tracy

Office Coordinator

Hello There Friend and Fellow Human! Yes, We are Open and working remotely!

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