Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements

Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements

In general, marketers design ads to generate quick conversions. For example, a Google user searching for the phrase “blue suede shoes” might see an ad for blue suede shoes, click on it, and purchase the product. However, things work differently in Facebook. Here, savvy marketers have discovered that Facebook users tend to avoid making purchases after clicking on an ad. Instead, they’re likely to navigate back to Facebook if they’re asked to buy something right away. Smart marketers get around this problem by encouraging simple conversions that can later lead to purchases. For example, a successful Facebook display ad might ask a viewer to sign up for an informative newsletter. Then, email marketing could be used to generate sales.

Creating Awareness for your Business

It easy to spot all those billboard ads as your driving down the road. Whether it’s on a billboard or bus bench, these ads are intended to create awareness of your business to the passing traffic. The success of this can really only be measured by the statistics of how many people drive by that area. While you can get in front of all sorts of folks, many of them are never going to buy  from you because they aren’t your target audience. With Facebook advertising, it’s the opposite case! We can leverage the power of Facebook and get your message in front of the exact audience based on interests, demographics and geographic information. Leverage the data you already have on your ideal customer and then find people just like them on Facebook.

Make Sure They Remember You

Now that you’ve started to advertise to just the right audience and they’ve begun interacting with you or your website, we can bring them back to your site using our retargeting or “Boomerang” campaigns. A customer is far more likely to purchase from you if they’ve already visited your website, so by digitally reminding them of your business with our retargeting campaigns, we can get them to return to your business. Take advantage of the advertising you’ve already done with the “Billboard” ad campaign!  

Anchor Wave is an industry leader in internet marketing and provides complete Facebook advertising solutions for our clients, including “boomerang” and “billboard” campaigns. We provide a full suite of online marketing services designed to raise brand awareness and drive conversions. You can reach our office in Tucson at (520) 622-3731 if you have questions about our SEO, social media marketing, or Facebook marketing services.

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