Why It Matters Where You Host Your Website

Web hosting stores your website’s files on a server to ensure faster loading times for end users. While it is possible to host your own website, it is simply not ideal in most cases. Servers that host websites need to be outfitted with the most sophisticated hardware and networking solutions for optimal site loading speed and security. Therefore, you need to know how to find a web hosting company that can ensure that your site is on modern, secure servers. Here’s a closer look at what you should know: 

Secure servers are necessary for a secure site. 

Even if you take every possible precaution to keep your website secure—such as installing a firewall and a security certificate and running frequent software updates—these steps will not keep your site safe if it is on an unsecure server. 

It’s kind of like the “sick” and “healthy” waiting rooms at the doctors office.
Have you been to a medical office and noticed they have a separate area for folks that are sick versus those that are well? That’s the same concept with hosting options. Some hosts allow anyone to bring in their ‘germs’ or malware. Other hosting environments and servers have an elevated set of standards that prevent those weak spots from being a part of their shared space.

A reputable web hosting company can help you reduce cyberattacks. 

Many small businesses assume that their sites are not large enough to be the target of cyberattacks. However, any website can be hacked, and the fallout from a site hack can be devastating for a small business. One of the biggest issues for site security that increases the risk of cyberattacks is shared hosting—or hosting multiple sites on the same server. That’s because access to one site could provide a hacker with access to every site on the same server. However, hosting on a private server is prohibitively expensive for most small businesses. The solution comes with a reputable web hosting service that utilizes effective resource management to reduce cybersecurity risks. 

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Anthony Rivera