Why Detailed Reviews Boost Your Business

Modern customers are naturally skeptical. They understand that the copy on a business’ website is intended to sell a product or service, and as such, will only reflect the positive aspects of that brand. That’s why consumers tend to put more stock in online reviews. Reading an online review is like listening to a friend describe why the product or service did or didn’t meet their expectations. These online reviews form the backbone of a company’s digital reputation and have a direct effect on the business’ bottom line.

The Power of Detailed, Positive Reviews

All positive reviews are good, but some are better than others. Consider the following two reviews of the same fictitious restaurant:

  • “Good food, good service.”
  • “The Denver omelet was to die for!! And Jessie, the server, was so friendly and helpful. She didn’t mind accommodating my special request (food allergy) at all! I’ll definitely come back here the next time I’m in Tucson—planning to try the Mediterranean breakfast strata next.”

The first review is bland and generic. While it’s positive, it doesn’t give the reader a solid idea of what to expect when he or she walks into that restaurant. The second review is more detailed. It discusses specific menu items, mentions the name of a staff member, and compliments the customer service. This review also implies that the restaurant is allergy-friendly. All of that is important information for a customer searching for a good place to have brunch. Those details also set that restaurant apart from its competitors, which can help solidify its brand image. Furthermore, detailed reviews tend to include important keywords relevant to that business. This helps propel that business listing to the top of the Google search results pages. These keywords help that business get included in the “local pack” of business listings connected to the Google map.

The Helpfulness of Detailed, Negative Reviews

Although negative reviews are disheartening for any business owner, they shouldn’t be ignored. Not only should you offer a professional reply to as many negative reviews as possible, but you should also scour the detailed negative reviews for helpful feedback. Consider the following examples:

  • “Horrible service. Will never return.”
  • “The restaurant lost my reservation. I had to bring my mother elsewhere for brunch.”

The first review isn’t detailed and it’s definitely not helpful. But the second detailed review explains the problem, allowing the business owner to take steps to fix it.

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