Which Content Marketing Services Are Most Important for Your HVAC Company?

When you’re working with an advertising agency to develop your SEO marketing plan, there are several services that will likely be recommended for your business. SEO is complex, so a variety of strategies is necessary to boost your site’s visibility. Content marketing is one of the keystones of any SEO campaign, because content is what draws attention to your website, informs potential customers about your services, and helps make conversions. 

Without high quality content, your website may struggle to rank well on search. Even if you utilize PPC ads and local marketing tools to be seen on page 1, you’ll need to have great content as the foundation of those campaigns. Otherwise, you might attract potential customers to your site who ultimately turn to competitors with more authoritative content on their websites. Just consider this: Would you hire an HVAC technician who doesn’t offer resources on troubleshooting common air conditioning repair issues or properly setting your thermostat? Quite simply, your content is what informs potential customers that your business has the skills and knowhow they’re looking for. 

Types of Content to Include on Your Website

Content marketing encompasses a few different services. Basically, any time you commission an agency to produce written copy for your website, you’re investing in content marketing. Here are the types of content that no HVAC company should overlook on their website. 

  • Blogs – Your HVAC technicians probably hear lots of the same questions over and over from customers in the field. For example, they might frequently get asked “How often should I schedule HVAC maintenance?” or “Why is my air conditioner so noisy?”. Your blog is a great place to answer questions like these, which can capture lots of search traffic thanks to Google’s snippet search results designed to quickly answer questions asked by users. If customers commonly ask these questions in person, chances are, even more people are asking them on Google. To eliminate the guesswork, your SEO marketing agency can research question-based keywords to develop a click-worthy content strategy for your blog. 
  • Long-Form Content – Long-form blog content is a great way to drive up the authority of your site, both from the perspective of users and search engines. With longer big content pieces anchored in your blog, you can include more internal links to other pages on your site, which will help drive up search authority. Longer content also offers a chance to dive into various topics in greater detail, showing your audience that you’re an expert on that topic. In the HVAC industry, customers always want to know that they’ve chosen an experienced, knowledgeable company that’s ready to handle any of their service needs. Long-form content helps reassure them that you’re that company. 
  • Evergreen Service Pages – If it’s been a while since you refreshed the static content on your website, you may need site copy for your evergreen service pages. When customers visit pages detailing different services, they should know exactly what to expect when they call to book those services. If that’s not what your site is currently offering, it’s time for a content marketing intervention. 

Why Content Marketing Matters for SEO Marketing 

The content on your website doesn’t just help your customers see what services you specialize in. It also provides signals to search engines that affect your SEO. For example, consistently adding new content to your website shows that your business is active and engaged with your site. So, this will positively impact your search engine ranking. That’s yet another reason why having a blog can be so beneficial. 

How to Develop an SEO-Friendly Content Strategy for Your HVAC Company  

One of the biggest challenges for HVAC companies looking to grow their content strategy is that they simply don’t have the time to write new blogs and site copy themselves. Enlisting content services from a digital marketing agency like Anchor Wave provides an SEO-friendly solution. Our team of copywriters has in-depth experience writing for HVAC companies across the country. We also provide the keyword research, customized editorial calendars, and varied content services required to specifically target your local audience. 

Get started with a content consultation today by calling our SEO marketing experts at (866) 961-2086. We’re ready to help you start gaining attention with a strong content strategy that suits your business.  

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