What to Do When You Get Negative Feedback on Social Media

Negative feedback is an inevitable result of a social media presence. However, the way in which your business handles negative feedback can affect your online image in a positive way. Successful management of your social media accounts means staying up to date on your online reviews to handle negative feedback quickly and appropriately.

Take Feedback Seriously

Although you may want to ignore negative feedback, the key to handling negative comments properly is to always take them seriously. Regardless of the comment or complaint, it’s important to address it publicly to show your dedication to your clients and their needs. You should also aim to address negative feedback quickly, as leaving comments unanswered can also give the impression that you do not care about rectifying negative client experiences.

Identify the Issue

Before replying to negative feedback, it’s important to identify its cause. Determining whether the error is a business mistake, a misunderstanding, or a problem with the client’s expectations can help you develop a smart and positive plan to address it. Regardless of the type of issue and its cause, it’s also best not to act or sound defensive—always show professionalism and respect for your client’s viewpoint, even if the mistake is not actually an error on your part.

Offer Resolution

Once you’ve identified the issue behind the negative feedback, it’s important to focus on a resolution. Offering to exchange a defective product for a new one or repeat a service that was not satisfactory is common; you may also wish to offer discounts on future purchases or other services. If you cannot reach a resolution, offering a refund may be the best way to resolve the situation.

Reputation management should be an integral part of maintaining a positive online image for your business. If you’d like to explore how Anchor Wave can help you maintain your online reputation, call us today at (520) 622-3731 in Tucson or (480) 331-8920 in Phoenix. You can find even more tips on building the right online reputation for your business on our blog.

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