What Is the Importance of Content Marketing?

Take a moment to think about how new customers find your business. What do you think they do when they need services like yours? Once upon a time they may have looked in a phone book or asked a friend for recommendations, but now they likely turn to the internet. If you aren’t using content marketing to grow your brand’s presence on the web, chances are that you’re missing out on potential new customers. 

Content marketing refers to the creation of blogs, videos, and other kinds of web-based content that isn’t explicitly centered on sales. Instead, this content should showcase your business’s expertise in your industry. Customers may find your content when looking for information about a topic related to the work you do, and then, after finding your content helpful and engaging, decide to bring their business to you. Even if you aren’t using content marketing as part of your business marketing strategy, it’s likely that your competitors are. Here are some other reasons to keep content marketing in the mix when you decide where to utilize your marketing budget. 

Your content helps you build brand authority. 

Who are the most recognizable voices in your field? With content marketing, you could be on that list. By creating content around topics that are relevant to the industry you’re in, you become part of a bigger conversation. The more content you create, the more credibility you build. Your content shows you to be knowledgeable and up to date on the latest changes, trends, and issues in your industry. 

This kind of branding is a great to give new customers the confidence to do business with you. After all, it shows that you have the necessary expertise to provide the best possible customer experience. Content marketing is also a great way to develop B2B relationships. When businesses that offer related products and services need a partner, they will want to create relationships with companies that are leaders in their own fields. Your content can lead to the development of new, advantageous business relationships, and in turn, even more customers. 

Content turns customers into brand evangelists. 

Having your customers promote your business through word of mouth is a great way to attract new clients. When customers can promote your business through your content, the results can be hugely impactful. Your customers can take your content and share it on social media, thus expanding the reach of your marketing efforts without you spending an additional penny. When a customer puts your content in front of their circle, it is a clear demonstration of their belief in the work you do. 

However, your content must be worth sharing. Content that is informative, insightful, or just plain fun is most likely to be highlighted by your readers. If that seems like a tall order when you’re busy running your business, relax in the knowledge that copywriters can take care of content writing and scheduling for you. 

Good content helps you slay the SEO game. 

What makes one website rank at number one in search results and another website end up buried on page 10? The answer largely has to do with SEO—search engine optimization. In the early days of search engines, optimizing content meant simply repeating the same words over and over. Times have changed, however, and like internet users themselves, search engines have become distinctly savvier. 

Reading content that simply repeats a few terms is not a good user experience. Therefore, today’ SEO requires careful usage of keywords combined with a high degree of readability. Carefully crafted, SEO-driven content will help you display higher than your competitors any time a potential customer looks for products or services you provide. The more authoritative, readable content you generate, the more often your site will appear as a legitimate source and useful result for search engine users. 
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