Web Design Tips for Your Pool Company Website

When someone in your area searches the web for a pool builder or swimming pool maintenance provider, there will be lots of local options to choose from. What will make that potential customer decide to go with your company? Your pool company website will make the difference—if it utilizes the right web design tools, that is. Anchor Wave can help you design a website that achieves your marketing goals, so you find yourself swimming in new customers! Keep reading for our best tips to make your website stand out. 

Find Your Target Audience and Speak Directly to Them

Just like with any other industry, swimming pool company marketing requires knowing your audience. Before you even start thinking about website design, you’ll first want to take a deep dive into identifying your target audience. This is a task that a full-service marketing agency like Anchor Wave can easily assist with. Once you know who your website should be speaking to, you can better design your site content to resonate with that audience. 

Written copy shouldn’t be an afterthought for your website design. Every page on your site should offer informative, engaging content that answers potential customer questions quickly. For example, customers should be able to understand exactly which pool services you provide, where your service area is located, and how they can contact your company for next steps once they’ve visited your website. With well-written copy, your pool company website will perform well with your human audience as well as with search engines. 

Capture Your Brand Identity

The look of your swimming pool website will vary depending on the identity of your company’s brand. High-end pool builders may want to showcase a sleek, architectural style that reflects their design expertise. Alternatively, companies specializing in pool maintenance and repair might be more fun and approachable in their website design and written copy. 

Don’t forget to take other queues from your brand as well. For example, the colors in your company logo will likely inspire the colors featured on your website. Logo fonts and brand taglines may also echo throughout your site design. 

Help Site Visitors See Why Your Pool Company Is Unique

As you’re probably aware, swimming pool companies operate within a heavily competitive industry. Therefore, your website should make it clear that your company is unique (and therefore the right choice for potential customers). Here are a couple of the features you should include in your website to make sure that visitors walk away with the best possible impression of your business. 

  • Reviews – Even in the era of digital marketing, there’s still nothing quite like getting a recommendation from a previous client. Showcasing positive reviews prominently on your homepage (or with a dedicated testimonials page) will let potential clients see exactly why they should hire your company. If you don’t have many positive reviews to share of your business, you can implement review management that encourages more frequent customer feedback and automatically showcases new reviews on your site. 
  • Project Portfolios – Any swimming pool website should be highly visual since clients are looking for stunning pool designs. Provide your potential customers with lots of photos and videos from your previous projects, so they can clearly see what you can do. Before and after images are particularly effective for showcasing your company’s capabilities. High-quality photographs of your pool company in action will also leave a much stronger brand impression than stock images that might appear on your competitors’ websites as well. 

Prominently Showcase Awards, Certifications, and Accolades 

With any home or commercial service provider, it’s important to have licensing and certification info displayed up front on your website. Industry logos, contractor license numbers, and insignia for local service certifications will all be helpful additions to your website design. You will also want to highlight any brags about your company, such as featured mentions in design magazines, industry awards, and other accolades. For example, good standing with the Better Business Bureau can be easily displayed with a badge on your website. 

Anchor Wave can help you seamlessly integrate all the right features into your pool company website, so that you’re set up to thrive with your digital marketing. Whether you’re launching a new company or revitalizing your existing site as the basis of your local SEO campaign, we can help. Contact us today at (866) 961-2086 to get in touch with one of our web design experts. 

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