Web Auction Software for iPad

Our newest business service was born from our charitable involvement with the Boys and Girls club of Southern Arizona.  In order to avoid a repeat of last year’s sluggish auction, The Event committee in partnership with Apple decided to use the launch of Apple’s new iPad to bring new attention to the silent auction.

First web-based software designed for the iPad

In early April we were asked to build a web based auction system designed to work on Apple’s new iPad.  It was a challenging request considering that we only had a few weeks to design, build and test this auction platform.  There are many of web-based auction software packages available, but none that are designed for the iPad.

We’d like to introduce to you, the first-ever auction platform designed to work with the revolutionary iPad.

Fresh off the heels of The Event, we’ve been asked by the Arizona Youth Partnership to provide a solution for their event this Friday, May 7th.  The 5th Annual Taste of Tucson will be held at La Encantada from 6 to 9pm.  Learn more about AZYP and their event by visiting their website.

We’re eager to continue development on this project and bring it to more events across the country.  If you’re interested in seeing a live demo or having this auction setup for your event, please let us know.

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