Unlock the Power of Social Media Marketing for Your HVAC Business

Does it seem like everyone you know spends hours of their day checking updates on social media? It’s not just your imagination… 74% of adults use at least one social media site on a regular basis—and many of them will visit more than one site daily. With such a large potential audience, it’s not hard to understand why so many businesses turn to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the word out about their brands via social media marketing. 

But is social media still valuable when your brand specializes in a service like HVAC repair and installation rather than something trending and fashionable like skin care or beauty products? In fact, many small, local businesses in a wide variety of industries find that social media is a welcome environment for engaging their customers. So, your HVAC company may find many different growth opportunities with social media marketing integrated into your SEO services. 

Ways that Social Media Benefit Your HVAC Company 

You can use social media sites to advertise to potential and existing customers directly with paid ad placements. However, when you’re focused on social media marketing, the aim will be to drive up engagement via organic posts. Your organic posts are those that show up naturally in your followers’ feeds, so they are likely to be viewed by existing customers, neighbors, and other people who have heard of your business. With this type of marketing, you can: 

  • Remind customers to schedule maintenance and repair services. While you’ll never want to turn away new customers, it’s returning clients that will offer the most value for your business. Social media allows you to nurture existing client relationships by offering friendly reminders to schedule maintenance services or posting tips on identifying when HVAC repairs are necessary. You can even post content to raise awareness of your lesser-known services, such as air quality improvement. A social media campaign about the health effects of poor indoor air quality may drive up calls from previous customers who are now curious about duct cleaning or UV filtration systems. 
  • Create a space for customer feedback. You probably already spend time asking customers to leave reviews for your business or offer other forms of feedback to help you continue to improve your service. With a presence on social media, you don’t have to go out of your way to hear from your customers. They’ll be able to send messages directly, comment on posts, and leave reviews right on your social pages. You also have the unique opportunity to continue engaging those customers by replying to them in an approachable format on Facebook, Instagram, or other social sites. 
  • Build more credible links to your website. If you’re wondering how social media marketing fits into your SEO strategy, you’ll be happy to know that social media posts tend to yield positive results for search engine rankings. Linking to your website in your posts can bring new visitors to your site. Perhaps even more importantly, those links help boost your site’s authority from the perspective of search engine algorithms. 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices 

Seeking social media marketing services through a digital marketing agency will help to ensure a solid strategy for your company. However, it’s still useful to know a few best practices. Here are guidelines that any HVAC company will want to follow on social media: 

  • Avoid overloading your audience with sales-driven posts. Your posts should be engaging, interesting, and offer some value to your followers. 
  • You can (and should) respond to customers and followers who engage with your posts via likes and comments. 
  • Write posts specifically formatted for the platform you’re using. If you’re on both Facebook and Twitter, you should post unique content for each platform, including hashtags. 
  • Post on a regular schedule. Being on social media is only truly valuable if your brand has a consistent presence there. Whether it’s three times per week or just a few posts each month, make sure you have a constant presence on the sites you use. 

SEO Services to Pair with Social Media Marketing 

You may find that it’s hard to launch a social media marketing campaign without great content on your website to serve as the foundation for your posts. Therefore, you might also invest in blog posts, site copy, and website design alongside your social media plan. 

For the complete menu of marketing services your HVAC business needs to thrive, contact Anchor Wave. Our team of design, content, and digital marketing specialists is ready to help your brand stand out in your local market. Find out how by calling (866) 961-2086. 

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