Top Tucson Website Design Tips: Increasing Site Speed

How fast is your website? If you’re not sure—or worse, if you know your site is slow—then you are putting the success of your digital marketing efforts at risk. Slow websites are a poor experience for users, who will react accordingly by visiting other sites that load faster. In fact, website speed is becoming a more important ingredient for success, and its significance will only grow with the predicted prevalence of 5G technology in the very near future. If you haven’t prioritized the speed of your website, here are some of the reasons why it matters.

Your website speed is your first impression with users.

The very first thing that someone will notice when they visit your website is how fast it loads. If users go to your website and loads from them immediately, then they will keep digging into your brand. If it takes a long time to load, it’s not likely they’ll click beyond the homepage. Furthermore, customers may start to wonder if the site is down, and then wonder if your business is sloppy or sketchy.

Internet users assume that websites will be fast.

According to some statistics, almost half of people expect your site to load for them in two seconds, and about 40% will abandon your site if take longer than three seconds to load. You don’t have a lot of time to keep someone who clicks on your web address, so a fast site is essential to keeping them around long enough to get your message across.

Mobile use is replacing desktops and laptops.

Mobile search has almost completely displaced other forms, and it’s likely to claim the lead in the very near future, especially with the introduction of 5G technology. If your website doesn’t load quickly on a desktop, the user experience will be untenable on a mobile device, and you can’t afford to give that many users a poor introduction to your services.

Impact on traffic

Not only are potential clients put off by a slow loading site, search engines take notice too. It could potentially impact the ranking of your website which means there are less people even seeing your website as an option.

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