The Importance of Keeping a List of Blog Topics

Organization is the key to any successful business blogging strategy. The first step to staying organized is appointing one person in your company to be the overseeing administrator or project manager for your business blog. Next, you’ll want to generate a list of blog topics, almost like an editorial schedule, for your blog writers to follow.
Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when coming up with a list of topics for your business blog:

Write Actual Headlines
When you come up with the list of topics, write them as actual headlines for the posts. Blog headlines should be catchy and contain keywords near the front of the headline whenever possible. A good headline for a roofer might be, “3 Signs of Roof Damage.” By writing the topics out as headlines, you will save your blogging team time and give the blogger a clear subject to write about.

Leave Room for Newsworthy and Seasonal Topics
If you get stuck coming up with a list of original topics, then think seasonal.  A retailer, for example, may write posts related to back-to-school or the winter holidays. An insurance company could blog about the importance of auto and travel insurance before the summer season, when many of their clients will hit the road. You can also schedule a reoccurring news round-up, where you create blogs that list links to relevant industry news.

Assign and Schedule the Topics
Most blog software allows you to have multiple authors, save drafts, and schedule content to publish on a certain date and time. Use these functions by setting publication dates and assigning a writer to each headline. Giving writer’s specific topics and deadlines is a good way to stay on schedule!

Whether you brainstorm the list of blog topics as a group or trust the task to one person, you can see the advantages of developing an editorial schedule. If you are interested in learning more about business blogging or want to improve your Tucson SEO, Web design, and online marketing, then contact the experts at Anchor Wave by calling (520) 622-3731.

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