The Importance of Content Marketing

Content is a cornerstone of digital marketing, because it’s what fills in the space on your paid ads, populates your website, and drives your social media presence. When we talk about content marketing, however, it refers specifically to content that you regularly post on your business’s website—blog posts, infographics, and press releases, for example. Content marketing with these materials is what engages consumers, drives up trustworthiness in your business, and keeps your business in the running when it comes to top spots in search engine results. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the importance of high-quality content, assuming that a well-designed website and reposts on social media are enough to get by. If you fall into this camp, keep reading to reconsider the importance of content marketing and what it can do for your company.

Increasing awareness of your brand.

People may discover your brand in many different places, but the increasing likelihood is that new customers will find your business (or at least learn more about your business) online. Having a strong content plan and regularly updating your site with content allows you to shape what people are learning about your brand and make your website more visible in the places consumers are looking, i.e. search engines and social media sites.

Becoming an authority in your industry.

While your content may help tell your brand’s story, it is not just dedicated to advertising. In fact, effective content typically does not promote a business or product much at all. Instead, it will provide thought-provoking insight on a particular subject related to your business or give readers guidance with how-tos and DIY project ideas. For example, if you run a clothing store, you might post articles about how to find the best fitting jeans or how to upcycle old T-shirts. With this type of content on your site, consumers will view your business as an authority in your industry and they will build trust in your brand. When it comes time to make purchase decisions related to products or services you offer, your brand may be in the front of consumers’ minds if they have read your blog posts in the past.

Staying on search engines’ radar.

There are a lot of factors that play into your search engine rank, and one that is critically important is regularly posting new content. Even with a beautiful UX on your site and exceptionally written evergreen pages, your site rank may falter if you don’t have regular updates to your site. Content marketing with regularly scheduled blog posts keeps you in sight of search engines and it allows many more opportunities to incorporate keywords and terms that can further boost your search strategy.

Keeping up consumer interest.

It’s not just search engines that want to see new content. If consumers have read your blog or found helpful information on your website, they may come back to see new updates and posts. If nothing new is there to read, it’s easy to lose interest and forget about the brand. Blogs can create buzz and keep readers interested in what your business has to offer.

Connecting your content to social.

Content marketing should be paired with social media marketing, because posts on Facebook and Twitter are the perfect way to call attention to your new content and get more readers interested. Plus, posting your blog content on your social pages creates more opportunities for your fans and followers to share with their friends, so you might see much more exposure, which will only then boost your search engine rankings further.

Growing your brand.

As your business grows, your content strategy may evolve to promote that growth. For example, you may change the tone or themes of your blog to cater to a different demographic of consumers than you’ve previously been targeting. Or, you might use a series of blog posts to highlight a new service that your business offers, so you see a greater return on your investment. Content marketing is a highly scalable strategy, and it’s something you can do as a small business or as an industry leader.

If you are rethinking your content marketing strategy, Anchor Wave can help. We provide well-researched, well-written blog content that targets your ideal audience and helps your company get seen. As part of a larger marketing plan, content marketing can be a huge boost to your business, so let us guide you in getting started. Speak with a content professional today by calling (520) 622-3731 or visit our website for more information.

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