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Aug 3


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SOWF (Sacred Order of Water Foul) is a group that promotes its members’ unrelenting approach to life. The group’s story and mission were used an inspiration for the look and feel of the site. Special features include a rotating image gallery and a small e-commerce shop.

Jul 8

Tucson Tallow

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Tucson Tallow is Tucson’s “Original Recycler”.  They specialize in removal of deceased livestock, used oil, cleaning greasetraps and powerwashing.  Everything they collect, they recycle into products like animal feed, glue, pharmaceutical products, and more.

Jun 25

Rusty Truck BBQ Company

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Rusty Truck BBQ is traveling BBQ catering company. They are known to not only bring the food, but to bring the party as well. They have a whole philosophy, “Live Rusty.” What does it mean to live the “Live Rusty Lifestyle”? “It’s about taking your time, counting your blessings, and celebrating where you are and… Read more »

Jun 24

Carhuff + Cueva Architects, LLC

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Carhuff & Cueva is an architecture firm that specializes in the design of schools. They came to Anchor Wave because they were having issues presenting their work appropriately to their potential clients. Since their portfolio was key to obtaining new clients, it was crucial the issue was resolved. We were able to solve their problem… Read more »

Jun 23

Salon De Nouveau

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Salon Nouveau has been named several times as one of the Top 200 Salons in the U.S. by Salon Today magazine, a leading publication in the beauty industry. The salon location is known for it’s traditional ranch style Tucson home converted to salon. The rich colors and textures of the location were used as inspiration… Read more »