Anchor Wave’s WordPress Warranty Membership

The ultimate protection & support plan

Your website is the front door to your business. A lost or damaged website can drastically and immediately affect your ability to make money.

Protect it! Enroll in the Anchor Wave WordPress Warranty Membership to ensure your site is up-to-date and protected against damage and loss.

Our WordPress Warranty members take advantage of the program’s many features including healthy hosting, security updates, malware protection & coverage, diagnostic & quick to moderate fixes, php updates and content management training. And as if that was not enough, our members receive special rates on our growth-focused services like new content, design or functionality of their existing site.

Ongoing maintenance of a website’s performance should be easy for you, and the long-term value of a well-protected website is the peace of mind you have in knowing that site data is protected and technical support expenses are managed!

What’s Included?

This is the only website warranty available for WordPress that combines all the features you need to keep your website and business protected.

  • Managed updates of WordPress & Plugins & PHP
  • Recurring Backup of All Website Files & Databases
  • Diagnostic support
  • Training, Tutorials & Video Training
  • Security Certificate  
  • Hosting on a Secure Server
  • Malware Protection, Scanning and Cleanup
  • Special discounts and access to trainings, features and growth-focused services.

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