Social Advertising

Paid Social Media Marketing in Tucson

Bottom line: Speed and Precision. Including a Social Advertising campaign in your marketing gets your business targeted brand exposure and visibility, faster. 

Three Methods of Social Advertising Audience Targeting

We can place your message directly in front of the people who have engaged with you previously to increase your brand and top-of-mind awareness, build a custom audience based on the key factors of your target market, or create a clone of your best customers through your mailing list. We offer monthly subscriptions that are custom-tailored to include the campaigns that are best suited for your business needs.

Make sure they remember you

When a customer has interacted with you or your website, they are far more likely to purchase from you again. In our Retargeting Campaign, we can digitally “place a sticky note” in front of them so that they are reminded to return to your business. 

Look Alike Campaign
Duplicate Your Ideal Customers

Our equation for success is this: take the customers who want and buy from you – then multiply them. Facebook looks at the interests, demographic and geographic information of your best customers – and then finds other people who are just like them. In traditional advertising – you pay to get in front of all sorts of folks who will never buy from you. No more guessing, no more wasted ad dollars.

Custom Audience Campaign
Modern Day Marketing Power

We define and target specific interests, geographic location and many other factors. Behavioral and demographic targeting, as specific as zip codes or women who have an interest in shoes. Want to narrow to a specific type of device? We can do that too.

Interested in using your advertising to reach your ideal customers and not wasting your investment on non-viable exposure? We can help.

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