Facebook advertising

The Power of Facebook Advertising in Tucson (and Nationwide)

Bottom line: Speed and Precision. Including a Facebook Advertising campaign in your marketing gets your business targeted brand exposure and visibility, faster. 

The Essentials of Facebook Ads

Our equation for success is this: take the customers who want and buy from you –  then multiply them. By defining specific interests, demographics and geographic location, Facebook can build a custom-tailored audience of people to place your message directly in front of and increase your brand and top-of-mind awareness.

"Billboard" Ads

In traditional advertising – you pay to get in front of all sorts of folks who will never buy from you, with a handful of people that you really want to reach. That is the opposite case with our Billboard program. With Billboard ads – we leverage the power of Facebook’s brain. We put your message in front of an exact match based on interests, demographic and geographic information of your best customers – and then find other people who are just like them.

"Boomerang" Campaign

When a customer has interacted with you or your website, they are far more likely to purchase from you again. In our Retargeting or “Boomerang” Campaigns we bring them back to your site. We can digitally “place a sticky note” in front of them so that they are reminded to return to your business.

Custom Lead Gen Campaign
Modern Day Marketing Power

We define and target specific interests, geographic location and many other factors. Behavioral and demographic targeting, as specific as zip codes or women who have an interest in shoes. Want to narrow to a specific type of device? We can do that too and deliver those leads to your email.

Did you know? $26 vs .35 Cents!

The cost to reach 1,000 people on a typical marketing effort is known as the CPM, and the current average print media campaign is $26. The incredible specificity of a Facebook campaign efficiency puts the CPM at an average of .35 cents. What could you save with that kind of power in your marketing budget?

How Many of Your Customers Are on Facebook?
We can answer exactly that question. There’s no harm in finding out, the answer may surprise you. Click below for a Free Facebook Audience Report.

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