Reaching Out to Social Media Influencers

Many individuals and businesses have gained significant popularity and acclaim through social media platforms. These social media influencers not only enjoy improved online visibility, but higher Google search rankings as well. By reaching out to these social media influencers, your business can boost its own signal to increase brand awareness and reach a broader consumer base with your own social media posts.

Defining Social Media Influencers
The type of social media influencer that will benefit your business most will depend on several factors. You should consider influencers that consistently post content relevant to your business and has a following that is larger and broader than your own. Furthermore, you should search for social media influencers that embody the type of image, values, and customer connection that you want to attain for your business to ensure you are comfortable with their actions representing your company.

Reaching Social Media Influencers
Once you have identified the social media influencers with whom you want to collaborate, you’ll need to engage them. The easiest way to engage an influencer is to follow their content and participate in discussions, leave relevant comments, or repost information among your own accounts. There are also many ways to actively engage with influencers in real time, such as during Twitter chats and Periscope video broadcasts. Successful engagement of social media influencers should be followed by relationship maintenance—make sure you are continuing to post and repost relevant and high-quality content to ensure you and your influencer enjoy mutual benefits.

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