How Do Your Social Accounts Reflect the Reputation of Your Business?

You might be familiar with Facebook advertising and the benefits it can offer, but you may not give as much thought to how your business’s Facebook page reflects on your business. Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites matters in the age of digital marketing, and if you are not considering how your accounts on these sites play into your reputation, you may not be making the most of your social media marketing potential. Here’s a closer look at how your profile on various social channels will affect your reputation.

Direct Customer Interactions

When you post and comment on social channels, you are showcasing how you interact with customers. Even something as simple as replying to a comment on a post is something that a customer may think about before deciding to do business with your company, so you should treat interactions on social media like any other customer service scenario.

Public Reviews

Business profiles feature reviews, which are publicly available, so anyone can see them. If you are seeing a high volume of negative reviews on social media, you might consider seeking help with reputation management to learn how to improve customer perceptions.

Content Decisions

The content you post on your social pages reflects on your business, and one misguided post can make a big impact. In addition, neglecting to update your pages and post regularly can cause people to easily forget about your business and move on to competitors who maintain more active social pages.


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