Signs Your Web Design Is Outdated

Every business needs a website, but it’s not enough to simply occupy a domain. Your site should inform potential consumers about your services, be easy to navigate, and serve as the foundation of your web marketing efforts. Without a strong website, you may not have success with search marketing and social media ads, so you might think about updating your site if it is out of date. Below you’ll see some signs that your website could use an update.

Your site is not mobile-friendly.
Potential clients may reach your website from their computers, tablets, or phones, so you want to be sure that the site is mobile-friendly. If a customer can’t reach your site from a smartphone, he or she may move on to one of your competitors. Adaptive web design will ensure that your site is always easily viewed from any device.

Your website is hard to navigate.
If people come to your site and leave before clicking through to another page, your bounce rate will go up, which will in turn drive your search engine rank down. Often, a high bounce rate is related to difficulties navigating a website to quickly find the information that customers want. When pages do not load quickly or there is a lack of organizational structure on your site, it’s time to update your web design with more intuitive navigation and eye-catching graphics.

Your information is outdated.
A sure sign that your web design is a relic of the past is outdated information on your site. If you aren’t updating your website with accurate business hours, service pages, and blogs, then it’s likely that you’ve let the design go too long without an update as well.

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Anthony Rivera

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