We have received many inquiries and requests this week regarding advice on how to move business services online, provide clear information, share new methods of service and operations. It is our hope to share helpful ways in which our friends and partners can leverage online tools and strategies to rise strong during this season. Please fill out this form and a member of our team will be standing by ready to address your needs.


Marketing and value-driven communications are the clear differentiators for strong businesses that succeed in times of uncertainty. We can help you be one of the businesses that strengthens during this time and creates positive relationships and reputation status.

  • Website Updates: Provide new hours, contact, faq or ordering information on your website’s home page or in a special announcement popup or bar above the navigation menu. Customers with reduced friction in the buying process will purchase/hire more easily.
  • Social Post Updates. Stay present in Social. Seasonal specific social posts over the next 3 weeks that will be published on your Facebook and/or Instagram profiles as this is a key area your customers are looking for updates and instruction. This is a great way to stay present, top of mind, and build relationships during a time where some businesses neglect to focus on their customers’ needs.
  • Announcement/Informative Blog Post and Email. Communication that reaches your community with critical information directly to their inbox. Make this even more powerful with any special service changes and improvements that you are now offering.
  • Update calendars, events, and Google My Business information There are multiple places aside from your website that contain information you may consider updating.
  • Stay as positive as possible! Things are different, but the more that you demonstrate your abundant mindset and leadership – the more your customers will also act in this way.


  • It is not required to submit this information at this time, our support team will help with this - however we want to provide you with the opportunity to share any details you have now.



Hello There Friend and Fellow Human! Yes, We are Open and working remotely!

In addition, Anchor Wave very much wants to support you and your business during this unique season with our powerful swiss-army knife of online solutions that represent NEW opportunities to help you strengthen your growth, customer relationships and reputation status. We welcome you to inquire with us about unique ways to make lemonade out of lemons over the course of the next couple months!

Need Help? We have options to assist you in communicating with your customers – Click Here