Anchor Wave is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 138 reviews from around the Web.
We have been using Anchorwave for a few years. They make having a website EASY and UNCOMPLICATED. They are fun to work with and having a designated account...
Cindy McDaniel
Anchorwave has been wonderful to work with. They first helped us optimize the SEO within our website; now, Anchorwave is completely redesigning our site....
Alex Demeroutis
Professional, patient, on time, insightful, talented, very well mannered I would recommend working with Ray at Anchorwave. If he cannot handle your needs, he...
Dale M Miller
Anchor Wave did amazing work helping us build a brand new fully custom site for our company rebrand. They were hands-on and helpful throughout the whole...
JoEllen Lowry
While I have not personally used Anchor Wave, I have heard so many good and positive tings about the company and its' service that now that I am looking...
Thomas T.
I am always impressed with Mike and his team. They really have helped me and our business navigate online, they knew exactly what to do whenever any issues...
Tomas Almazan
Excited for Anchor Wave's upcoming work on the Tucson Football Official's Association!!
Brian Canady
Very knowledgeable and experienced!!
Brian Canady
My highest recommendation.
Doug K.
Give Anchor Wave a try with your website / SEO needs!
Dan Lisa Atkins
They really helped out my inlaws with the Family business!
Michael Grimes
Wonderful. Great job on the web site.
David Knittle
Everyone is a pro and they are very patient with those of us who are not tech-savy
Mike Schmidt and his staff did an excellent job assisting the Brei Law Firm with its Website, its mobile Website, and its SEO marketing. We were provided...
Jeffrey Brei
I've worked with Anchor Wave both as an employee and as a consultant, and it's always been a great experience. Everyone there is professional and helpful,...
Cody McCormack
Anchor Wave is a superb company. Very well run and the customer service is always outstanding. Highly recommended.
Ryan Hammond
I had a wonderful experience from the start! There were very detailed and efficient when learning about my vision for my new website and kept me involved the...
Deanna Graham
Great company to work with. Very professional with all their services.
Joe Hernandez Jr.
Emailed Mike with a few questions about his company's FB fan page and received an in-depth response in less than 20 minutes. Rare these days to get a...
Matthew Janowski
John Decker at Anchor Wave has been instrumental in building Horn Pest Management's online presence. Our incoming call volume has increased tremendously...
Ryan Horn
Definitely the best place in town to have your web assets managed, a really professional crew. I recommend them highly because of their availability, you can...
Dillon H.
Great company to work with !
Mike D.
I'm going to miss meeting and working with Jill now that our website has a new, fresh look. I had a wonderful experience with Anchor Wave in re-designing and...
Robin Henderson Thomas
Best customer service I could ask for! Everyone there is so friendly and accommodating. They strive for excellence and work to find a solution tailored for...
Chase Beyersdorf
Great people and service! We have been using them for many years and have been very happy, they really take the time to learn what YOU need and want from...
John Carson
When Mike Schmidt received the honor of 40 Under 40 Award years ago I knew he would have an amazing future and impact in our community and in his field of...
Elizabeth Ownbey
Juan explain their services perfectly. He did his research and knew what my practice needed to get to the next level. Looking forward to working with him.
Jason Robinson
Looking forward to the great work that Anchor wave will be doing for the Tucson Football Officials' Association!!
Brian Canady
Great customer service!!! Bryan thank you for setting us up so quickly and efficiently.
Mike Parvis
Definitely the best place in town to have your web assets managed, a really professional crew. I recommend them highly because of their availability, you can...
Dillon H.
The team at Anchor Wave Internet Solutions is infinitely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful in all aspects of what they do. Upon sitting down to listen to...
Lukas Tvedt
Met with Mike from Anchor Wave to discuss web presence and social media. Received expert advice and a solution to enhance both. The experience was both...
Sam Santistevan
Anchor Wave was hired about two years ago to assist our firm with creating a new website. The other website was very old and outdated and was not being...
Jen C.
Great information. This is the future or brand/reputation management.
Rick Milne
Right from the start my entire experience with Anchor Wave & their amazing team impressed me with their wide range of knowledge, skill & innovation...
Bill Netherton
Professional, knowledgeable and fun! That describes Anchor Wave.
Nancy Purdin
John was super helpful explaining instructions to us. Thank you for your help today!
Tom Kusian
Anchor Wave really understands customer service and ways to improve your customer service reviews on your website. I highly recommend Anchor Wave to assist...
John Belton
Great service, thank you for the quick response to my questions.
Marge R.
I have used their services for 5 years and that amazing that are there for me and my business .
Mena Aldulaimi Latas
Mike's presentation was very informative and I was very impressed with his expertise in the social media arena.
Peggy Mall
Anchor Wave's staff is very professional and helpful. Their knowledge of how to assist you to find your specific internet solutions is outstanding. Great...
Sally H.
Wonderful service & very trustworthy. More than happy with my experience.
Oonagh M.
The Anchor Wave team took our project from theory to reality and continue to make a major impact in our daily operations. Enough great things cannot be said...
Jonathan Goodman
Great people, Quality work! A+++
Bryan Darling
Awesome Job creating our Website. Thank you, Thank you Very Much!!!
AZ Grill Hearth
Great place to work! Great team of creative individuals with the objective of putting the client first!
Juan F. Ibarra
What an awesome company! Not only does their products and systems work they are an outstanding team. What's better than a company that practices what they...
Scott Melde
Great company. Very professional. They think outside the box.
David W. Stombaugh
This is one great company. If you need an internet presence, try Mike and the gang at anchor wave. You won't be disappointed.
Kent Crotts