Ramp Up Your HVAC Marketing in 2021 with Google Ads

If you run a business specializing in heating and cooling, you probably know that a primary goal in HVAC digital marketing is ranking on page 1 of Google search results. When your potential customers search for keywords related to your business, they won’t want to scroll through pages of search results to find your company. However, ranking organically on page 1 is not always easy for local small businesses. But it’s still possible to show up in those coveted page 1 results—the solution is Google Ads. With Google Ads, you’ll gain a competitive edge in your service area and get seen by more potential customers who are looking for HVAC services. 

A Quick Intro to Google Ads

You might know Google Ads by its former moniker, Google AdWords. Alternatively, you may know it as PPC advertising. No matter what you call it, Google Ads is your pathway to getting your brand in front of customers who are looking for the services you offer. 

When you search for “air conditioning repair” or similar terms, Google Ads is responsible for the paid search results that are most prominently displayed at the top of the page. To place among these paid search results, HVAC marketing companies bid on specific keywords with ads designed to target active searchers in specific demographics. Active searchers are those individuals who are ready to make a purchase or book services, so targeting these searchers offers an opportunity to ramp up conversions with your marketing efforts. However, Google Ads campaigns can also be designed to increase brand awareness. PPC advertising is adaptable to your goals. 

Why Google Ads Are Important for HVAC Marketing 

Google Ads are particularly beneficial for HVAC companies because the industry is a highly competitive one. PPC ads will help your business get seen ahead of your competitors. Even more importantly, they can help you achieve this goal quickly. Where organic SEO can take months or years to get you to page 1 for more competitive keywords, Google Ads can have your business on the front page of search results within weeks. 

Another distinctive benefit of Google Ads is the ability to define your service area in your ad placements—only people who are within your service boundaries will see your ads. Specifically, in the HVAC industry, Google Ads tend to have a strong ROI on ad spend. 

Developing Your HVAC PPC Strategy 

If you want to leverage the power of Google Ads, your best strategy is to hire an HVAC marketing company. An experienced advertising agency will help you complete the following tasks to create high-performing PPC ads on Google. 

  • Identify the right keywords. Just like with organic SEO marketing, Google Ads results are displayed based on users’ interest in specific keywords (among other factors like location and other audience demographics). So, a successful HVAC PPC campaign will rely on the right keywords. Keyword research is an intensive process, so it helps to have a marketing agency doing the research for you. 
  • Design strong landing pages. Before your ads go live, you’ll want to make sure they compel customers to take action once they click. That means having strong landing pages. A good landing page for your ads will provide customers with clear information about the service you’re advertising. In addition, there should be an obvious place for customers to contact your business, whether that’s a form, a call now button, or an email address. Other important features for your landing page include rapid loading speed, mobile-friendly design, and the presence of positive testimonials and reviews. Customers should not only see that you can provide the service that they need but that you’re the best HVAC company for the job. 
  • Create compelling ad copy. Before a customer will ever see your landing page, they’ll need to click on your ads. Clicks are driven by targeted, compelling ad copy. HVAC companies can add incentives to their Google Ads, such as free estimates or discounts for first-time customers. A big challenge with PPC ads is that you’ll need to fit a lot of info into a small space, so you should have a specific headline that is aligned with one of your main service lines. 

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