Rusty Truck BBQ Company

Rusty Truck BBQ Company is part of Anchor Wave's growing web design portfolio
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Rusty Truck BBQ is traveling BBQ catering company. They are known to not only bring the food, but to bring the party as well. They have a whole philosophy, “Live Rusty.” What does it mean to live the “Live Rusty Lifestyle”?

“It’s about taking your time, counting your blessings, and celebrating where you are and where you’ve been. It’s eating great barbecue with your favorite people, listening to good tunes and enjoying a cold beverage. It’s about having fun and knowing that getting there is half of that fun. To “Live Rusty” is more than just making great barbecue – it’s about making friends, making memories, and maybe even a bit of mischief along the way. #LiveRusty”

This party lifestyle was an element of their brand that they wanted communicate to their users. We set the party vibe with large lifestyle images, strategically placed explanations on what it is to “Live Rusty”, and trendy vintage design elements.