Business Owner: Pay attention to online video.

For the past several years, there has been a small crowd of enthusiasts promoting the idea that video communication is the “next big thing.”  This is the first year that I agree with them.  Video is about to reach a critical mass.  As a business owner – you don’t want to miss out on this one.

We’re seeing a convergence of internet and TV at an unprecedented pace. Websites like are streaming your favorite movies and hit TV shows for free, giving thousands of Americans a reason to drop their cable TV subscription.  Netflix, which turned the video rental industry on its head, is now pushing the envelope with streaming video rentals. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand, right on your television.  No trips to the video store or the mailbox.  Point. Click. Watch.

4203351474_aa5096ea01Comcast buys NBC Universal.  The impact of that has yet to be seen, but my money is placed on the idea that you’ll be searching a YouTube-world of high-quality video content that will rival the TV networks.

How does this impact your business?

Just like social media, the risk of getting involved is low.  You can experiment and practice producing video content that is mediocre at best.  It doesn’t matter if what you create is good or bad because it’s most certainly better than what your competitors are doing: sitting on their hands.

Video is poised to be a central part of our every day lives.  Those of you who cringe at the idea of being on camera to represent your business, organization or brand need to get comfortable with it.  Your competitors will, and they will dominate because of it.

Those that invest the time communicating their message and voice through video now will be better communicators and more successful when it really matters.  Early adopters of this vehicle will have the most to gain.

Again, with video as in social media.  Participating and trying this is better than doing nothing at all.

Here’s how to get started with online video:

  1. Get the hardware: Pick up a web cam.  Or make use of the one already baked into the computer you’re using.
  2. Make content: Record a video telling people about what you do.  Give them stories. Show them products. Give them advice. Explain what makes you different. Ask them questions. Ask for advice.  The point is this: create anything that is relevant to your business or organization.
  3. Distribute your content: Use your email list, upload it to YouTube.  Post it on your website or blog.  Publish it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Rinse and repeat. Get in the habit of building video content.  Jump to step two and start over again.  You want to get in the habit of building your content and staying on top of your customers’ minds.

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  1. Mike Schmidt on

    Hi Jen – thanks for the tip, I found the link you were referencing and added it in your comment. Let me know if that’s not right. I love Stone’s IPA. One of the best!

  2. Jim on

    We have been using video since the launch of our website, The Wine Inquirer(, in late 2008. It’s an effective way to raise the profile of participants (in our case,chefs, sommeliers and vintners) while drawing readers deeper into your site.


  3. Mike Schmidt on

    Jim – You guys do great with video. Everyone reading this should stop by to check it out. (

    Deb – Check out the Flip Cam. They sell them at Best Buy or online. (Be sure to get the HD version.) It’s an easy way to get high quality video without messing around with your internal web cam.

  4. Luigi Fulk on

    I think your blog is great. I just added you to my Yahoo News Reader. Found it on Yahoo though. I love the suggestions and just trying to wrap my head around it, it

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