Is Your HVAC Website Accurately Representing Your Business

While digital marketing always relies on the same fundamental principles, it will also look a little different in practice for companies across various industries. When it comes to HVAC marketing, you may find yourself competing in a heavily saturated market where it’s difficult to stand out. And while you may know what’s great about your company, that information might not be well represented online. 

If you’re struggling to rank in local search results for HVAC services, you’ll likely benefit from a website redesign with Anchor Wave. We have the tools and the know-how to build brand recognition for your company online, which in turn will get more traffic headed to your business. Not sure if your HVAC website is a good representation of your company? Ask yourself the following questions to start building a stronger strategy for your website design.  

Does your HVAC website capture your brand identity?

Before you think about what should be on your website, it’s important to take a step back and examine what’s unique about your brand. Is your business family-owned and operated? What is the minimum amount of training required for your technicians? Digging deeper into what your brand values will help to develop strong messaging that resonates with your audience. 

As you develop a stronger sense of your brand identity, your website can begin to reflect that with the right photos from your business (or appropriate stock images) as well as the colors, fonts, and other visual details that bring everything together. 

Is the content on your website approachable for your target audience?

Your website must do more than simply look like a part of your business. The heart of your website is in the written copy, which is what potential customers will look at to understand what your business offers. 

Often, HVAC companies will make the mistake of writing copy specifically for search engines, not people. However, capturing the attention of search engines isn’t enough to drum up new business. Once potential customers get to your website, they should be able to gain information about the exact services you offer, so they know whether your company can help with their specific issue. In addition, you should offer some background about your business, information about how to get in touch with your company, and maybe even some HVAC troubleshooting tips on your blog. 

Our copywriters can create engaging, informative content that covers all the essentials. Even more importantly, they’ll do so with your target audience in mind, ensuring that your website truly speaks to the people you want to reach. For example, many HVAC marketing strategies will target younger families, who may respond well to conversational, approachable content. Alternatively, your HVAC company may specialize in commercial services, so your website would demand a more professional tone throughout. 

Does your HVAC digital marketing strategy highlight what’s unique about your company?

Bringing together the finishing touches of your website, it’s important to highlight what’s distinctive about your company. As we mentioned, there are lots of HVAC companies out there advertising their services on the web. So, you need to think about what makes your company stand out. Here’s a quick look at some of the website features that will let your business shine. 

  • Recent reviews – Positive reviews are always helpful when you’re trying to distinguish your business from competitors. However, potential customers will always put more stock into recent reviews than those written years or even just months ago. So, you may need a strategy to drum up more customer reviews that is integrated into your web design. 
  • Case studies/project portfolio – Give your customers undeniable proof of the results they can achieve by working with your company. Project portfolios with before and after images or more detailed case studies demonstrating perks like energy and cost savings will offer a real-life look at what your technicians can do. 
  • Trust logos and certificates – In a skill-based industry like heating and cooling, customers want to know that they’re dealing with licensed, insured, certified pros. A quick way to communicate that your technicians are up to these standards is with logos and certificates from well-recognized industry organizations that your business is associated with, such as NATE or AMCA. Good standing with sites like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Better Business Bureau will also be helpful brags to include with supporting imagery in your website design. 

Bring your HVAC digital marketing strategy together with the website design experts at Anchor Wave. Contact us today to get started on your new website.

Anthony Rivera