Is it Time to Update Your Website?

Is It Time to Update Your Website?

Like any other area of design, web design sees many changing trends and styles that evolve through the ages. However, because technology moves so quickly, those trends may come and go rather quickly. While it’s not necessary to stay on top of every trend in Tucson web design to run a successful website, you should consider how dated your website can look and feel after just a couple years after its last refresh. If you haven’t recently given thought to your website design, look for the following red flags that will indicate it’s time for an update. 

Difficult Navigation

Does your website display a Flash animation or clunky banner to new visitors? Is it hard to find service pages or blog posts from your site’s main page? Difficulty navigating your site will prove frustrating for potential consumers, possibly causing them to seek out your competitors. It can also increase your bounce rate, which will be a big hit for your search engine ranking.  

Dated Design 

If visiting your business’s website makes you feel like you’re entering a time machine, it may be time to rethink your web design. Pages should be simple, clean, and easy to read. Images should have a modern feel and there should be easily accessible links to your company’s social pages and contact info. 

Slow Load Times 

A slow website is likely a website in need of some website design services. If you have several pages with slow load speed, chances are there are some unnecessary elements on the page slowing things down. With a new design, you can boost load speed, making consumers more likely to click on new pages. And, faster load speed will only help you place higher in search results. 

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