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Sep 8


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SCBS is a brand new, locally owned and operated Contracting firm based in Tucson, Arizona. They remove asbestos, mold and lead from homes and commercial properties. They also have a development and contracting division.  And if that were not enough, they are the first in the state to provide a new product in Infection Control…. Read more »

Jul 8

Tucson Tallow

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Tucson Tallow is Tucson’s “Original Recycler”.  They specialize in removal of deceased livestock, used oil, cleaning greasetraps and powerwashing.  Everything they collect, they recycle into products like animal feed, glue, pharmaceutical products, and more.

Dec 30

Open Loop Energy, Inc.

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Open Loop Energy, Inc. was founded in the spring of 1992 as an Arizona corporation. It began operations in Safford, Arizona, a central location to serve the Southwestern mining and construction industries.The core business was centered on hydraulic component repair and reclamation. Oh… and don’t forget to check out the sweet lightning animation on their homepage!

Nov 24

Crimar Industrial

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Crimar Industrial provides industrial equipment and services throughout the world for a wide variety of applications (mining, power plants, waste treatment, refining, breweries, petrochemical plants and others).

Oct 27

Tucson Iron & Metal

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Founded in 1986 by Tandy and Gary Kippur (a third-generation scrap-metal dealer), Tucson Iron and Metal boasts not only trucks, forklifts, and magnet cranes but shears mounted exclusively on Caterpillar® products as well.