Industry: Healthcare

Jun 6

Synergy Surgicalists

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Synergy Surgicalists transforms the way orthopedic, general surgical, and trauma services are provided while delivering the highest value to our patients, hospitals, and physician partners.

Dec 14

Maloney Plastic Surgery

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The Maloney Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Staff have a Combined 70 Years of Experience together and are committed to delivering exceptional results and care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Jun 7

The Innova Group

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Since 1996, our services have evolved in response to our clients’ changing environment and their confidence in our ability to help them succeed. Our professionals answer clients’ challenges from strategic vision through care delivery and space planning, with services addressing strategy and planning, within both clinical and capital realms.

Apr 11

Baxter Walsh Physical Therapy

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Baxter & Walsh Physical Therapy, P.C. is a privately owned and operated facility run by New York State Licensed Physical Therapists, Karen Baxter Furno and Monica Walsh Caraciolo. They specialize in women’s health issues including pregnancy-related sciatica, as well as general orthopedic disorders.

Jun 2

University of Arizona Genetics Core

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