Including Facebook Advertising in Your HVAC Digital Marketing Plan 

Whether you run an established HVAC company or you’re just breaking into your local market, you’ll want to get your business seen in as many places as possible on the web. In today’s HVAC digital marketing landscape, that means you should be on Facebook. 

As the largest social media site in terms of number of users worldwide, Facebook represents a vast potential audience for your business. It also offers a few unique benefits over other advertising opportunities. For example, Facebook allows you to target your ads to highly specific groups based on detailed demographic data. Ideally, you’ll use a mix of tools and resources offered by your HVAC marketing agency to get your business seen online. Let’s take a closer look at why Facebook should be among those tools. 

Why Facebook Advertising Works for HVAC Companies 

One of the benefits of being in the HVAC industry is that pretty much everyone needs your services eventually. The challenge is standing out among the competition of numerous HVAC companies in your area. In addition, not everyone is looking for HVAC services all the time. So, you must narrow down your target audience. For example to individuals who make household financial decisions or those who own commercial property—people who are most likely to actually call up and book your services. Facebook allows you to target your audience for awareness campaigns with access to highly detailed demographic data, so your ads are seen by people who are likely to contact your business in the future. Even better, you can retarget audiences on Facebook to create a lasting impression. 

Facebook advertising offers another distinctive advantage for HVAC companies. As a company in a service-based industry, it’s important for customers to be able to connect with you easily to get answers to their questions, see the type of work your company has completed in the past, and read reviews from previous customers. While your website will be a great start, having a presence on Facebook is another way of making a connection to potential new clients. 

How Facebook Ads Work 

Facebook on its own is a great tool for staying connected with your current and potential clients, but organic posts won’t do much to get you in front of a new audience. Facebook Ads by Anchor Wave get your name out there in your area, and can help recapture customer attention through time. 

  • Billboard Ads – Billboard ads, as the name suggests, help to generate awareness of your business in your area. However, unlike a traditional billboard, this one will only be shown to individuals who meet the parameters of your target audience. For an HVAC company, it may be most beneficial to target homeowners between the ages of 35 and 55 within your service zip codes—our marketing agency can help you fine tune your audience based on your needs. Additionally, we create a personalized marketing plan, so we can answer all your customer questions through carefully targeted and crafted ads.
  • Boomerang Ads – While billboard ads are great for getting your name out there, boomerang ads are what can help book appointments with your business. Boomerang ads are shown to people who’ve engaged with your business before but haven’t yet become customers. Maybe they’ve visited your website but didn’t sign up for your newsletter or book a service appointment. A boomerang ad can get your business back in front of those customers, and this time they may be ready to schedule that AC installation or seasonal tune-up. 

How Your HVAC Marketing Agency Can Continue Promoting Your Growth on Facebook 

With the right HVAC marketing agency on your side, a Facebook advertising campaign can get your business seen quickly and start filling in your appointment book with new clients. It’s also important to maintain an active organic presence on Facebook. Not only will it help you keep up an active conversation with your customers, it can also help you get more reviews in a place where lots of potential new customers are looking. 

If you want to tap into the potential of Facebook advertising, Anchor Wave is here to help you get started. With fully managed ad campaigns and organic social media marketing services, we’ll provide your business with a dynamic approach to engaging with your target audience. Call us today at (866) 961-2086. We are a full-service HVAC marketing agency, and we can assist clients anywhere in the U.S. 

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