HVAC Marketing Strategies: Reputation Management

It used to be that when you needed air conditioning repair, you would ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, hoping that someone would have a trusted HVAC company in mind. These days, those word-of-mouth recommendations are often substituted with online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many others. In fact, when potential customers discover your business through your Local SEO efforts, one of the first things they’ll look at is your recent reviews. 

As the owner of an HVAC business, you know firsthand how powerful customer reviews can be. But what if you could take control of your online reputation and make sure that your most positive reviews are the ones customers see first? That’s exactly what reputation management does. Continue reading to learn more about why this should be one of your go-to HVAC marketing strategies. 

Why is online reputation so important for HVAC companies, anyway?

If your business doesn’t have many online reviews to speak of, and they’re mostly positive, you might not think there’s much work to be done in terms of reputation management. However, it’s important to ensure that you have plenty of current reviews that show the most positive attributes of your business. If potential customers can’t find many reviews of your company, or the most current reviews available are several months old, they might favor a different company with more recent feedback from their happy customers. After all, HVAC repair can be a costly service that requires lots of specialized expertise. So, customers will want to know they’re choosing the right company for their investment. 

Taking the time to boost your online reputation management can also pay off if someone does leave a bad review of your business in the future. That one negative review won’t have as much of an impact if your business regularly sees lots of positive feedback.  

Can you really change what people are saying about your HVAC business online? 

With reputation management, you’re not bribing customers into writing great reviews about your business—you simply make it as easy as possible for them to share their experience about working with your business. In the HVAC industry, customers are often receptive to being asked to review companies they use for repair and installation services, especially when a company has provided particularly great service. You just have to implement the right tools to make it easy and simple to share feedback. 

How exactly does reputation management work? 

If you’re considering adopting reputation management with Anchor Wave as one of your HVAC marketing strategies, getting started is simple. With our service, you can easily create a customer feedback system that drives up 5-star reviews. Here’s how it works: 

  • Customers are encouraged to leave feedback after they receive services from your company. After your technicians wrap up at a job site, customers may receive an email prompting them to share their thoughts on their recent service experience. Customers who have positive reviews to share will be encouraged to write one up on your preferred site, such as Facebook or Google. If customers aren’t happy with their service (anything less than 4 stars), they’ll be able to provide feedback directly to you instead of leaving a public review. Then, you can take care of the issue at hand and turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one without dinging your public reputation. 
  • 5-star reviews from your preferred sites are automatically featured on your website. When customers do leave 5-star reviews for your business, they’ll automatically be featured through a feed on your website. So, even if someone hasn’t thought to look up reviews of your business after discovering your company online, they’ll still see that your company has a great reputation! 
  • You receive alerts when anyone reviews your business, so you can respond quickly. Responding to reviews is almost as important as having reviews in the first place. When you respond to positive reviews with a quick thank you, customers will see that you value their input—thus they’ll be more likely to share their own thoughts. Conversely, responding to those negative reviews that do make it through will show that your company is willing to correct mistakes and make things right. With reputation management software, you’ll be alerted whenever a new review is posted, so you can respond in a timely fashion. 

Guide the conversation about your HVAC company with Anchor Wave. Dive into our reputation management services on our website or give us a call to get started on your service. Reach us toll-free at (866) 961-2086. 

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