How to Use Facebook to Attract New Customers for Your Pool Building Business

A critical part of expanding your pool building business is using social media to foster your relationships with both new and existing customers. With over two billion people using Facebook every month and two-thirds of Facebook users saying that they stop by the profile of a business at least once per week, you can’t afford not to have a presence on the site. Although Facebook is a global platform, it has powerful tools to let you target local customers—the people who are in your area now who are considering building a new pool or upgrading their existing pools right in your backyard. If you’re a pool builder ready to dive into Facebook marketing, this advice will help you succeed. 

Use a Facebook Business Page

To make an impact for your pool building company, you don’t want to use the same kind of profile you use to keep track of your high school friends. Instead, make a Facebook business page, which is completely free. There are a few simple steps to setting up your page:

  • Start by using your personal log-in information to navigate to the page creation section. Once there, select Business/Brand as the kind of page you want to create. Though your personal log-in information is used to access your account, there will not be any cross-posting of information from your personal page to your business account, so you can easily keep the professional and personal page separate. 
  • Enter all the details you want to share about your business. Your company name, contact information, operating hours, and any other relevant information you think customers need to know should be included here. 
  • Add a cover photo and a profile photo. This is a good chance to incorporate your logo and to highlight pictures of some of your past pool installations, so that customers can get a taste of your work. 
  • Create a vanity URL, which includes your business name, by clicking the Create Page button. This URL makes it easier for customers to find your pool business on Facebook. 
  • Consider using the “add button” feature that says something like, “contact us” or “shop now,” which will direct customers to the relevant information when they click it. 

Vary Your Facebook Posts

It’s important to keep your Facebook page looking active, so that customers who are looking for a pool builder see that you’re open for business. It is a good idea to vary the kinds of posts you make, so that your page is more engaging. Customers who visit your page don’t want to feel like all you’re doing is trying to close a deal on a new pool construction. They want to understand more about the kind of company you are, so they can feel confident about doing business with you. 

It’s natural to have some Facebook posts that sell but intersperse those posts with other kinds of engaging content, like videos from pool building sites, before and after shots of pool renovations, and local interest stories that don’t necessarily relate to your business directly but that matter to your community. Be sure to respond to customers who reply to your posts and create opportunities for your existing and new customers to engage with you, such as running a contest.  

Make Use of Facebook Tools

For business pages, Facebook has many tools that help you focus on a target audience. You can target posts and advertising to reach people within a specific geographic region, age range, gender, and much more. For instance, if you want to encourage people to install a new pool before the summer season, you can focus on making sure people within a specific geographic area and age range, so you know they’re more likely to be considering pool construction. Using these tools helps you get more bang out of each post you make. 

Additionally, use Facebook’s analytic tools to get valuable insights into how your posts are resonating with the target audience. Which kinds of posts get the most engagement for you? Which geographic area is giving you the most traffic? What time of day do people seem to respond to your posts the most? This information is invaluable not only for Facebook marketing for your pool building company but also for your entire digital marketing plan. 

Our digital marketing experts are ready to help your pool construction company leverage the power of Facebook to build your business. Contact us today at (866) 961-2086 to find out more about our work and to start creating a digital marketing strategy.