How to Put Email Marketing to Work for Your Landscaping Business

It’s no secret that landscaping is an incredibly competitive industry. For your business to get noticed, you may need to take a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing that connects with potential customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. You should also strive to keep in touch with previous customers who have done business with you before, and email marketing is one tool that can help you do just that. 

Email marketing is often overlooked as a digital marketing strategy, in part because it requires users to opt in to receive your emails. However, once you have users’ attention and get them on your email list, you’ll be able to engage in several meaningful ways that can have lasting benefits. Through marketing emails, you can educate your audience about different landscaping trends and services, offer exclusive promotions to new or returning customers, and directly book appointments to fill up your schedule. Email marketing also provides valuable insight that can guide other elements of your digital marketing plan. Read on for a closer look at the ways that you can put marketing emails to work for your landscaping business. 

Engage Users Who Want to Know More About Your Brand 

As stated above, email marketing requires existing or potential customers to sign up to hear from you by providing an email address either on your website, at your place of business, or through social media. No matter which method someone uses to sign up, the act of providing an email address means that they want to hear from you and learn more about your brand. Sending out a monthly email newsletter can provide the information users want and offer a closer look at your company’s mission and values. To create the right impression, your emails should feature high-quality images and branding details, such as your logo and a color scheme that matches your business’s website. 

You can even go a step further with your email marketing and partition your audience into different groups of users. For example, you may serve both commercial and residential clients. Each group would be interested in different services and landscaping topics that you could cover in two separate email newsletters sent to those unique audiences. 

Offer Exclusive Deals and Promotions 

Email marketing is helpful as a means of conveying information to your target audience, but you’ll also want to push readers to book services with your company after reading your emails. Exclusive offers and discounts can do just that. For example, you might offer 10% off a specific service for first-time customers. If discounts aren’t feasible for your business, you can offer different types of promotions, such as limited weekend appointments or free landscape design consultations. Readers want to feel like they’re getting something of value from your emails, so providing a feeling of exclusivity can go a long way. 

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