How Do PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Ads Work?

While ranking in organic search is the dream for any search campaign, it’s important to recognize that ranking organically is not the only way to get clicks. You can pay for good placement in search engine results with pay-per-click, or PPC, ads that will display at the top of the page in the dedicated positions for sponsored links. Google AdWords often go hand in hand with organic search campaigns, but they can stand on their own, and they can also have a big impact for your site traffic. However, you do have to know some basics to ensure that your ads are seen by people who will actually want to click on them and take action through your landing page.

Your ad is (possibly) displayed to a specific audience.
One of the reasons you might choose to run PPC ads while working on an SEO campaign is that a lot of the initial research is the same. You need keywords for AdWords Campaigns, since these ads are designed to line up with specific keyword searches. For example, if you are a pet care store running ads for organic pet food, you might choose “organic pet food” as a keyword for your ad. Then, when someone searches for “organic pet food,” they might see your ad in the search results. However, that is not a given, because PPC keywords can have heavy competition, meaning that your ad is less likely to display. So, you might instead run ads for more specific keywords like “healthier dog food” or “grain-free cat food.” Geographic indicators can also be helpful, if you are only looking to advertise in a specific market surrounding your physical location.

You pay when someone clicks.
As the name describes, PPC ads only cost you money when someone clicks on the ad. The rate per click will actually vary by keyword, which is another reason why it pays to be specific. Because you do pay for each click, though, you do want to make sure that your keywords accurately reflect the services you’re trying to advertise and line up with the text on your landing page. That will make conversions more likely, so you are not wasting money getting clicks that lead to no sales.
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