Got Decision Fatigue? (I do, there’s a solution)

THIS is a key marketing lesson that successful business people employ, and it starts with some chicken thinkin’.

More specifically, the lunch debacle of determining what kind of chicken to have as my daughter and I were driving across town in pandemic errand-running mode.

Chick-fil-A or Canes were our nearby savory choices.

Now… both could be considered fine fast food establishments (and if you don’t do those OR chicken, stick with me, you have applications here as well)…

…there was a BIG difference in how the experience of buying from these places felt.

Chick-Fil-A has a robust menu with salads and macaroni and cheese, they have sandwiches and nuggets, grilled or fried, chees or bacon. You get it, options galore.

Options mean that I had to make lots of DECISIONS.

Canes, on the other hand is limited to…about the count of fingers on your hand. There’s Box. And Bigger box. Pretty much it.

This scenario felt like an oasis of peace to me….

The pressure valve in my brain that had been working triple-time during recent weeks of lock-down stress was almost immediately floating…Released…I could relax.

We could enjoy the buying (and munching) experience without the burden of too many choices to make.

I ordered the regular box. It was a ‘no-brainer’.

Right now we are all faced with the real pressure of making thousands of decisions. 35,000 per day on average to be exact.

Some big, some small. Some are the fate of our business growth, and some are whether to wear pants today.

What’s interesting as humans – and as businesses working to thrive – we all naturally have a limited amount of willpower. Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bezos wear the same thing as a strategy to preserve this brainpower for more important topics.

In times of stress that willpower is depleted even faster.

Firstly, let’s give ourselves a break and a pat on the back for navigating all that! (wooo you!)

Secondly, when it comes to feeding your business, there is a smart and non-overwhelming way to do that.

Some agencies or sales people use the tactic of overwhelm to make you feel confused, pressured to do everything(‘if you don’t have it ALL perfect, why even do anything at all” they say). Or worse, they won’t slow down enough to guide you through the information in a way that makes sense…all because they think that will make them look smarter.

Not us. I truly mean that.

We believe that helping you see clearer, and simplifying the pathway so that it’s focused on only the next actionable thing is what will create the strongest outcome for you – and for our relationship with any client, now or in the future.

Pinky promise.

So do you remember getting an email from us earlier this week? It talked about an educational video we put together that de-mystifies getting more activity for your business by using online marketing?

We are inviting you to watch this because it takes all that pressure off of you.

That intensity to make tough decisions with too many options. You won’t feel as though you are making the wrong choice, because you will see that it’s only important to consider the one next step.

There is a ‘no-brainer’ way to grow your business when you have this key information.

Take a few minutes over this long weekend to take one step out of being stagnant, or confused or overwhelmed.

Get clear one step at a time.

Here’s the link to the training you can watch any time,

Anthony Rivera