Exploring the Benefits of Pinterest’s New Business Accounts

Exploring The Benefits of Pinterest’s New Business Accounts

The social network Pinterest recently launched a special type of account just for businesses. It features the ability to create boards, promote your brand, and connect with other influencers on the website. The goal is to increase traffic to your company site and help you increase sales. Here is a look at the benefits of Pinterest’s new business accounts:

Verified Company Pages

Now your business can have an official Pinterest page, which will be verified by Pinterest staff and help ward off imposters. Much like Twitter’s verified accounts, this can land a certain level of caché to your company’s online presence. Pinterest’s own sharing and follow buttons allow you to embed these graphics on your company site to help visitors and fans connect with your business on this platform.

Content-Rich Boards

The backbone of Pinterest is its boards. With a business account, you can upload your own original content to create various different boards for your company. You can highlight your newest products or upload a set of new infographics. A good digital strategy idea is to use track-back links whenever you upload a Pinterest photo, so that you can track how many users are clicking on your page. Similarly, uploading your own high-definition product photos means that more people can re-pin your graphics onto their boards, thereby organically increasing your marketing reach.

Possibilities for Contests and Engagement

One of the best functions of social media is its ability to allow companies to directly interact with fans. By increasing fan engagement with your brand, you can build a loyal fan base that may have cost you exponentially more money to woo with traditional marketing. Pinterest’s business pages allow companies to hold contests (wherein users submit their favorite board or re-pin a product to enter) and to re-pin fan’s content to highlight best practices.

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