Do you attract “ideal” customers or “profit and sanity drainers”?

When it comes to customers, many businesses erroneously believe in ‘Broadcasting’. Before you get too fussy with a misinterpretation, let me tell you why that is an error. First off, did you know how the term “broadcast” originated?

It’s ye olde 1813 agricultural verb for the very ineffective action of taking seeds and throwing them far and wide. The seeds land EVERYWHERE. Sometimes in rocks, sometimes on a trail, and then soooometimes on fertile ground where they can actually grow. In today’s modern age, this is what many businesses are doing when they throw (spend) valuable time and resources to attract customers. Farming tech has come a long way to systematize and make planting strategies far more precise to get the best outcome – yet many smart businesses are not doing the same. In many cases, businesses did not have the right tools to strategize this way.

Ask yourself – which system are you using right now?

This step of Identifying your ideal customers can sometimes get glossed over, or remain unrefreshed after years. Strategically understanding the consumer Buyer Cycle will 100% make or break your business and save you $$$. That’s why we’re SO on the edge of our seats to share this powerful dual presentation with you! Brilliant Coach And Marketing Consultant Stephanie Rising from The Rising Effect, along with Marketing Strategist John Decker from Anchor Wave, share this timely information and explain why it’s relevant for any industry or size of business that values growth and customer relationships.

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Take a small slice out of your day to get clear about the importance, as well as the proven methods to align more powerfully with your ideal customers! You’ll walk away with immediately actionable items that will power your organization right away.

Anthony Rivera