Discover How to Implement Onsite and Local SEO for Your Landscaping Business

Your website is the basis of your landscaping company’s digital marketing plan, but how do you drive potential customers to your website and ensure that it gets seen by people in your area? The answer is through SEO, or search engine optimization. Both onsite and local SEO are important for getting the word out about your business, and the two work hand in hand to help you get more calls to book your landscaping services. Here’s a closer look at how to utilize onsite and local SEO to make your landscaping business top search results within your service area. 

What is onsite SEO?

Onsite SEO is all about optimizing your website with on-page improvements to make it relevant to web search inquiries from customers seeking landscaping services. It also involves making technical improvements to your site so that it is fast, functional, and easy to navigate. One of the factors that Google and other search engines weigh when sorting search results is the bounce rate of your website—or the number of visitors who leave after clicking on just one page. If your site offers a smooth browsing experience and lots of helpful information about your services, people are more likely to stick around and click through multiple pages of content. As you work with a digital marketing agency to optimize your site, they’ll focus on the following features. 

  • Targeted Keywords – Keywords are what help mark your site as relevant to search inquiries from people looking for landscape services. In addition to obvious keywords like “landscaping company” or “landscape design,” you may also target long-tail keywords that align with how people interact with search engines. For example, you may utilize blog posts to target phrases like “How do I conserve water in my landscape design?” or “What are the best plants for fall gardening?” With the right SEO team on your side, you’ll have extensive keyword research to help you target the best words and phrases to get potential customers on your website. 
  • Optimized Site Design – It’s important to not only design a website that’s easy for people to navigate, but also one that can be parsed by search engines. The right code will help your site be crawled effectively and indicate to search engines that it’s a trustworthy source for the information your customers need. 
  • Conversion Driven Content – Onsite SEO isn’t just about getting people to your site. It’s also about converting potential customers into paying clients. Therefore, part of your site optimization will include improving calls to action on every page so that you can see more conversions that help you boost your revenue. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO focuses more on offsite tools that help your business get found within your community. Through local SEO, you can be sure that you’re targeting audiences who can actually benefit from your services—individuals who live and work in your community. Here’s what local search optimization will include: 

  • Google My Business – Google My Business, or GMB, is a free service from Google that allows you to create a customized listing that can be found by users on both Google Search and Maps. Your GMB listing is like a mini website, and your digital marketing team can help you optimize it, so your landscaping company is more likely to get featured in the local business packs that appear at the top of search results pages as well as searches in Google Maps. GMB also provides a space to promote upcoming specials, promotions, events, and recent projects. 
  • Directory Listings – While search engines are important, they’re not the only place someone might look for a local business online. Local directories are also common spots your business may be featured. However, many directories won’t feature your business unless you create a unique listing with them. Even worse, some will pull information that isn’t accurate or up to date, so you may have an inconsistent presence across the web. Local SEO will increase and optimize your listings, so you know customers are always finding the right info about your company. As an added bonus, many of these listings will provide authoritative backlinks to your website, which boosts your onsite SEO. 

Onsite and local SEO require detailed knowledge of search engine marketing, as well as ongoing upkeep. These aren’t tasks to take on in-house. Instead, reach out to Anchor Wave to find the digital marketing expertise you need to crush SEO and get to page one of search results in your area. Call us today at (866) 961-2086 to discuss your SEO strategy.

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