Checking Out the Latest in Social Media

Today, more than 73% of American adults visit social media sites regularly. As a business, it’s essential to maintain social media accounts as a way to boost knowledge about your brand and connect on a more personal level with your consumers. Keep reading to check out a few of the latest, most popular social media sites and how they can benefit you.


Snapchat is a relatively new “moment-sharing” platform that allows users to personalize and share images or videos with a unique twist: the shared content disappears within ten seconds of viewing. Because content disappears, many businesses have been slow to adopt this platform as a marketing tool. However, Snapchat’s unique “disappearing” content has a dramatic effect on users—namely, that users must pay attention when they receive a message, rather than flagging it for review later. This unique trait actually makes Snapchat a valuable and effective online marketing platform that engages consumers more directly than many other types of social media networks.


Periscope is a live video-streaming app that allows users to broadcast live from their mobile device. This app fills a unique niche that encourages individuals to share events as they happen, rather than recording them to post later. However, like Snapchat, Periscope content is only visible for a limited period of time—24 hours—before it is removed from the network. During this time, other users may replay or leave comments on videos. As a business, you can use Periscope to livestream events, provide question and answer sessions, or even offer “insider” videos with special content for consumers following your account.

Managing your social media accounts shouldn’t be a difficult or stressful task—at Anchor Wave, our experienced staff is here to help you develop and post social media content on behalf of your business to maintain better connections with your clients. If you’d like to learn more, please click through our website or call us today at (480) 331-8920 in Phoenix or (520) 622-3731 in Tucson.

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