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Dec 28

Will Data Compliance Change in 2019?

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So, earlier in the year GDPR made big headlines. What is it? General Data Protection Regulation is the European Union’s most aggressive stance on exactly what businesses are supposed to do when they collect customer information. … and it’s quite a bit different than the way things have been. In the United States, we don’t… Read more »

Sep 14

How Do Vision Impaired Individuals Use the Internet?

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The internet is a highly visual place, and you probably have a clear sense of that if you have ever launched a website or tried to increase views on your social media pages—the most popular content tends to be in images and videos, and website layouts can make a huge difference for their success, even… Read more »

Sep 7

Does Your Website Have to Be ADA Compliant?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act is an important law that ensures that individuals with disabilities will maintain the same access to information and services with reasonable accommodations to address various limitations that an individual may have. As technology has become more integral in daily lives—and more businesses are operating exclusively within an online marketplace—the ADA… Read more »

Jul 11

A Braille Website? Learn more about website ADA compliance in this interview

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I was lucky enough to have Manny Aregullin who is a Lifestyle & Assistive Technology teacher at Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI) join me for an interview about websites for the visually impaired. Since January 1st, we’ve had an increase of clients asking us about how the ADA applies to company websites…. Read more »

Dec 15

Why You Should Revamp Your Website When You Update Your Business’s Physical Location

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Being visually consistent across all your platforms is an important part of branding, and this extends to your physical headquarters as well. If you decide to make any big change to your brand identity, make sure you let your customers know. Here’s why you should revamp your website after a physical redesign, relocation, or remodel…. Read more »