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Aug 23

The 2016 User’s Guide to Keeping a Web Design “Current”

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Digital Design is changing all the time. The digital design industry is in constant evolution. Most designers in this field can attest to experiencing constant change; there is always a new piece of technology, a new user interface design style, a new trend, a newly founded functionality to learn about and use. This is the… Read more »

Jan 29

Why Web Design Is About More Than Aesthetics

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The look of your company’s website can have a significant impact on its appeal. However, while aesthetics are an important component of web design, creating a functional website requires more than just an appealing visual scheme. In addition to the appearance of your site, it’s important to focus on functionality, clarity, and the organizational scheme… Read more »

Jan 11

What Do Your Customers Want on Your Website?

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In today’s digital age, maintaining a company website is one of the best ways to improve visibility and client satisfaction. Your company’s website is often one of the primary ways in which clients view and interact with your business. Knowing the type of information that your customers want or expect on your website allows you… Read more »

Dec 18

Elements of a Successful Mobile Website

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More than half of all internet users access the internet primarily through mobile devices, which means that not having a mobile website or having a mobile site with outdated features could be a costly mistake for your business. If you are looking to launch a mobile site or make improvements to your existing site, you… Read more »

Nov 26

How Anchor Wave Can Help You Reach Out to More Customers

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As mobile device and computer usage across the globe only continues to increase, so does the potential size of your consumer base. The key to growing your business in the digital age is determining new ways to reach and connect with additional consumers over the long term. At Anchor Wave, our specialized services include website… Read more »