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Mar 22

Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements

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Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements In general, marketers design ads to generate quick conversions. For example, a Google user searching for the phrase “blue suede shoes” might see an ad for blue suede shoes, click on it, and purchase the product. However, things work differently in Facebook. Here, savvy marketers have discovered that Facebook… Read more »

May 25

Best Strategies for Writing PPC Ad Copy

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Pay-per-click ads, better known as PPC ads, are a cost-effective form of search advertising that can offer a quick boost to your marketing campaign. When they are well-researched and well-written, they can help you see a rapid increase in your site traffic and make more conversions along the way. So what does it mean for… Read more »

May 18

How Do PPC Ads Work?

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While ranking in organic search is the dream for any search campaign, it’s important to recognize that ranking organically is not the only way to get clicks. You can pay for good placement in search engine results with pay-per-click, or PPC, ads that will display at the top of the page in the dedicated positions… Read more »

May 11

Your Crash Course to PPC Ads

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Inbound marketing benefits from diversity. If you aim to bring in leads from just one source, you probably won’t see as many new customers as you’d like to. By branching out with multiple points for potential consumers to encounter your brand, you increase the odds of attracting more people to your website, which can in… Read more »

Apr 27

Your Crash Course in Reputation Management

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If you have invested in your web design, organic search presence, and social media channels, then you have taken some solid steps toward boosting your online visibility and reputation. Of course, your online reputation doesn’t just come from the content you publish. Your customers are likely carrying out conversations about your business online through review… Read more »