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Mar 4

The 4 Laws of Social Customer Service

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When you ask a business owner what business they’re in, they’ll typically respond by describing the products they create or the services they provide. While that might be true, there is one way to describe all businesses regardless of what they do and it’s called being in the customer service business. Customer service describes the… Read more »

Jul 30

CNN Money: Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ – 5 Fast Facts

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Google’s search now favors mobile friendly websites. Roughly 70% of internet users in the United States have a strong desire for a mobile-friendly site, yet a new report released by BaseKit has shown that a surprising 91% of small business’ websites are not optimized for mobile use. CNN Money covers the latest on this news from… Read more »

Jan 22

Understanding Google Average Rankings

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The Google Average Position ranking system attempts to offer a solution to the phenomenon of website rankings possibly differing for two people, even if the two people are searching for the same term. In the past, Google didn’t provide this data, forcing us to depend on unreliable scraped rankings. The Google Average Position Ranking takes… Read more »

Jan 3

Stop Saying “Make it Pop:” Tips for Providing Actionable Feedback to your Graphic Designer

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Web designers and their clients work toward a common goal: creating beautiful and functional visual communications. However, conflicts sometimes arise due to a lack of a common language. It’s often easy to form an opinion about a piece of design work, but it can be difficult to put your thoughts into words. Phrases like “make it pop” and… Read more »

Sep 25

Exploring the Benefits of Pinterest’s New Business Accounts

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Exploring The Benefits of Pinterest’s New Business Accounts The social network Pinterest recently launched a special type of account just for businesses. It features the ability to create boards, promote your brand, and connect with other influencers on the website. The goal is to increase traffic to your company site and help you increase sales…. Read more »