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Aug 24

Why People Leave Bad Reviews

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Almost every business owner has had the sinking feeling of despair that comes with reading a bad review about their company. And while these types of reviews may feel like personal attacks because you care so much about your business, it’s helpful to keep in mind the reasons someone might feel inclined to leave a… Read more »

Jan 26

See What Services You Get with Anchor Wave

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So much of the world of business exists online in modern times, and your business needs to be able to keep up. At Anchor Wave, we have experience in a broad variety of online services, and we’re constantly anticipating how the Internet culture will change in the years to come. Read on and see what… Read more »

Jun 25

What Is An AdWords Quality Score and Why Is It Important?

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We all turn to Google to help us find information. Customers also turn to Google when they are looking for products and services but do not know which company to choose. Google relies on AdWords to offer relevant advertisements for each user’s search. Knowing about AdWords and your quality score can help you make the… Read more »

Dec 25

Web Design Tips for Reaching Mobile and Tablet Viewers

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Computers, smart phones, tablets—consumers use all of these devices to stay connected to the Internet. Many of today’s consumers look for products and services on their favorite mobile devices, making it important for companies to create websites that work well on all of these platforms. Make Links Easy to Click One of the biggest differences… Read more »

Aug 7

Get Found Using Local Search and Directories

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When users search for your type of business on review websites such as Yelp or CityPages, you want them to find your company with ease. When a smartphone user takes out his or her phone and searches using a maps application, then your company should appear in relevant search results. How do you ensure that… Read more »