Elementor Designer

We’re looking for a full-time position for someone skilled in creating websites using WordPress’s Elementor page builder. The tasks of the Elementor Designer are to build out custom designs in Elementor. These designs will be developed from either their own design capabilities or provided from a Graphic Designer on the team.

We have recently developed a branch of our Web Design Department that serves Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Big Personalities – the opportunity to work on highly creative brands and public figures means we’re looking for established talent!

Your portfolio and attitude are what we value most, however it would be ideal if you have built out at least 10 sites in Elementor, have experience building in Elementor to match custom designs, and have at least a year of design experience.

Some of the specific duties include:

  • Producing site build outs to match custom designs. Requires a high knowledge of Elementor.
  • Working directly with Project Coordinators to develop initial design concepts based on detailed design specifications.

  • Design of web page elements that contribute to user experience and interactivity including buttons, charts, diagrams, ad banners, infographics etc.

  • Creation of branded graphics and ads for Social Media and Paid Advertising including Facebook, Google Display, Instagram, etc.


The candidate should have experience in building websites, some coding and development background, graphic design and demonstrate the ability to deliver a variety of graphic design styles that meet the objectives of the design purpose.  Applicants must meet the following core criteria:

  • High level of proficiency and a strong portfolio of custom sites build in Elementor.
  • Demonstrated experience with graphic design.

  • Strong understanding of visual communication, typography, and brand development online or in print.

  • Experience designing actionable designs including clear calls to action.


While technical knowledge & skills are vital to success in this position, it is also important that the candidate demonstrates the following:

  • Fun attitude and love what you do!

  • Detail oriented and highly organized

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Time management skills to meet deadlines

  • Value collaboration, laughter, and information-sharing within a creative culture

  • Demonstrated ability for continuous learning, creativity, and problem solving


  • Full time, Remote. We are looking for someone who wants to be an integral part of our amazing team long term.

  • Salary $44,000 – $55,000

  • Start Date: As soon as possible


Please send an email with cover letter and resume / CV, preferably in PDF format, by completing the form below.

  • PDF format preferred.
  • PDF format preferred.