Chief Direct Response Marketing Officer

Are you the Marketing Rockstar we’re looking for? We’re excited to find out. The following is our very clearcut vision for the person who will partner with us in our unique company vision and enhance our team culture. We invite you to get to know us through this website, in particular the About sections and Team & Culture. We look forward to learning more about your skillset and your passion for this work.


Anchor Wave CMO

Role, Responsibilities, Results, Requirements

Position: Chief Direct Response Marketing Officer

Department: Lead-Gen Marketing in Collaboration with Sales

Reports To: CEO

Job Type: Full Time


Role (overview of the position):

Responsible for leading the growth of Anchor Wave’s gross revenues by planning, developing, implementing, monitoring and fine-tuning profitable direct-response marketing and sales funnels.


Responsibilities (tasks associated with the role):

  • Auditing the current marketing and upsell systems and developing a strategy for deploying the 80/20 (immediate, highest leverage) growth opportunities 
  • Collaborating with the management team to create marketing goals and objectives. 
  • Reporting to the CEO and making recommendations to determine strategic focus based on performance of marketing initiatives
  • Developing new strategies for deploying the 80/20 (immediate, highest leverage) growth opportunities 
  • Improving specific aspects of the “5 Core Functions” of Anchor Wave every quarter (detailed below) 
  • Deploying and improving the “8 Core Pillars Of Marketing” (detailed below)
  • Conducting Buyer Persona interviews to deeply understand and refine our Buyer Persona
  • Implementing campaigns and reporting across multiple marketing platforms inclusive of all relevant core metrics on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis
  • Championing and training the team where relevant in marketing campaigns or implementation across company departments, with focus on Strategy Department
  • Leading and supporting any subcontractors or team members who report to the CMO or work in conjunction with CMO and assist in achieving the objectives laid out in Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Or Yearly planning sessions
  • Adhering to and managing the established overall marketing budget, as well as individual platform and campaign budgets 
  • Creating predictable and repeatable frameworks 
  • Seeking education in marketing strategies and implementation technology to stay on trend with marketing best practices


Results (expected accomplishments):

  • Improving specific aspects of the “5 Core Functions” of Anchor Wave every quarter:
    • Lead Generation
      • More leads and more vehicles/hooks for generating leads
      • Better quality leads
      • Lowering or maintaining cost per lead while improving quality
    • Lead Nurture
      • More variety of engagement to build desire and educate prospects
      • More consistent nurture across more channels to stay “omnipresent” in prospects web experience
    • Conversion
      • New or improved conversion processes
      • Increasing lead to sale conversion percentage
      • Increasing number of conversions and average conversion value
    • Delivery
      • Work with team leads to improve any marketing related delivery processes (producing better results for clients wherever possible)
    • Resell, upsell, retention
      • Creating or improving systems to increase customer lifetime value
      • Tracking and improving customer churn rate
  • Deploying and improving the “8 Core Pillars Of Marketing”
    • Branding
      • Developing/refining client avatar
      • Clarifying the imagery/story and subtle communications of brand to meet the demographics and psychographics of target audience
    • Funnels
      • Developing and deploying new funnels for lead generation, lead nurture, sales ascension (appointment booking), and conversion
      • Improving existing funnels over time to produce higher conversions
    • Tracking/Testing
      • Tracking all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and creating consistent reports
      • Consistently testing potential improvements at key places in the funnel or sales processes to improve KPIs
    • Website/SEO
      • Developing and deploying a consistent SEO driven content strategy
      • Developing, deploying and improving off-site SEO strategies for increasing search rank, local maps and organic traffic
      • Managing all aspects of “anchorwave as a client” in a collaborative effort with our internal team for testing feedback loops and results
    • Audience Nurture
      • Increasing consistency, approachability, and value of customer nurture process. 
      • Organization and strategic grouping of customer lists and automations across database systems.
      • Educating customers and coaching them into clients over time
      • Increasing variety of nurture and using it to increase desire for leads to to become customers
    • Media Buying
      • Increasing the variety of platforms and “omnipresence” of media buying strategy
      • Tracking and improving all media buying KPIs including CPC, CPL, CPA (cost per click, lead, acquisition) and ROAS (return on ad spend)
      • Consistently developing new “hooks”, angles, and ideas to test across media buying channels
      • Identifying the best (Most profitable) media channels to focus on
    • Social Media
      • Consistently nurturing and engaging with leads via social media
      • Generating leads from social media via paid and organic
    • Partnerships
      • Developing win-win partnerships with other service based businesses
      • Finding/engaging with relevant influencers who might be a fit affiliate with Anchor Wave


Requirements (expected proficiencies):

  • Team-player with abundance mindset and desire to contribute towards the Anchor Wave Movement and Culture
  • Strong digital marketing background (5 years+ of hands on experience) with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of digital marketing outlined above and at least $5M in sales generated
  • Hands on experience in running Facebook Ad Campaigns, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign and other related technologies. 
  • Ability to come up to speed quickly with new technologies, systems and processes.
  • Hands on sales experience, preferably with high ticket sales
  • Experienced leader who has lead teams of 3-5 or more before, with a high emotional intelligence and strong communication skills
  • Creative visionary who is also technically savvy and able to execute their vision
  • Systems-oriented thinker who can combine the right people, process, and technology to create sustainable results
  • Demonstrated creativity in copywriting or visual communication

Note: This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties or responsibilities may be required that are not listed above.


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